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  1. spinyard

    19 yz250f won’t start

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antigravity-Batteries-AG801-8-Cell-Lithium-Ion-Small-Case-Motorcycle-Battery-8C/162685442853?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 This one
  2. spinyard

    19 yz250f won’t start

    FYI same thing happened to me, started fine took it to the desert and had to bumpe start it all weekend, I bought an antigravity battery & problem solved, what a pos the stock yamaha battery is
  3. spinyard

    Transworld MX ending its magazine...

    Great recommendation on traction erag definitely check this out!
  4. spinyard

    Transworld MX ending its magazine...

    I think I figured out why, they would have to start putting cooper webb on the cover since he's roosting everyone this year 😀
  5. spinyard

    Transworld MX ending its magazine...

    I received a letter that my subscription to transworld will be replaced with men's magazine wtf!
  6. Auto correct is so awesome
  7. spinyard

    2018 CRF450R Magura hydraulic clutch

    this is an easy fix, remove and place stock cable back in place! I still like the feel of a cable vs hydraulic imo no magura blood, expensive broken master cylinder when crashing, etc.
  8. spinyard

    A couple of nice wr smokers for sale

    good find! wr500 that's pretty rare, it's a survivor
  9. spinyard

    2019 YZ250F Dirtiest airbox ever ?

    Where did you get this do you have the part #? I dont see it on their website... how much?
  10. spinyard

    Yzf450 battery

    Were you able to find the 240 cca spec on the RM website? I couldn't find that anywhere?
  11. spinyard

    Yzf450 battery

    Earth X is another option as well, (etx12a) good find on the GYTR site as well! I made sure to have the dealer charge the battery with the lithium ion charger @ the dealer before I took delivery. By the way my battery reads 12.9 volts but when the start button pressed I hear the relay click then the voltage dumps to 0 volts dc, then gradually climbs back to 12.5-12.9 with the volt meter attached. Cool huh?
  12. spinyard

    Yzf450 battery

    I bought a brand new 2019 yz250f for my son for xmas, took it to the desert and the battery lasted one start. Good thing you can still bump start it or it would have been a sad weekend. I was Leary of buying a bike without a kick start, i knew what would happen. I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow, see what they say (they may cover it under the 30 day warranty) I will probably just end up buying the anti gravity. for those of you that did I think it's part # AG-801, I called them and they said that's the day to day application, but there is also an AG-401 for racing only, I guess it's lighter. Which battery did you guys buy for this application and is it the same shape and size or is there modifications necessary to make it strap in place? Love the bike, but wish they would have left the kick start on it.
  13. spinyard

    Suzuki LT80 Quad Sport Starting Issue

    I think you found your problem, your "new" battery is shot, under load, the fact that the voltage drops to 10.5 during cranking tells you why it slows down. Try a different battery, but not a car battery, too many cca, it shouldn't take much to start it though, replace your vacuum actuated petcock with a banshee petcock, block off the vacuum port on the carb that used to go to the tank, and clean out the pilot jet on the carb, I bet its clogged, an old frayed bicycle brake cable works good to clean the jets.
  14. I like my 2006 YZ250 , but have had my eye on that new ktm for while now - with the new forks it may finally be time. But we forgot the age old statement: ***PROOF*** 90% rider and 10% bike https://www.youtube.com/embed/W-rAv43UFnA?rel=0
  15. spinyard

    NEWS FLASH! JS7 Crashes!

    Here's a reminder of him smoking you on a two stroke - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nmmh67R6_E