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  1. scottie_b205

    1977 rm 125 tank on a 370 ?

    Sweet! Thanks for the replies guys.
  2. scottie_b205

    1977 rm 125 tank on a 370 ?

    I would like to know if the alloy gas tank from the '76-'77 rm125 will mount onto the rm370 without issues. The part numbers are different but I believe the tank itself just holds less fuel. I see the aftermarket clarke tank is listed for the 125, 250 and 370. I just want to ask before pulling the trigger. I would like to paint a tank in the moto-x fox colors and a plastic won't work. My stock tank is to nice to mess with. Thanks, Scott
  3. scottie_b205

    86 yamaha tt600 raptor 660 carb upgrade

    Thanks for all of your info. I have been reading stuff like crazy and taking notes. My engine is in pieces right now. I just picked for up my '84 600 for $200 and the engine was froze. No carbs or sparkplug and no one blocking off either hole will do that. I got the piston unstuck and found the clinder chrome flaked in a couple places. It looks like I will be sleeving it. The crank looks like it needs a rebuild also. Slowly but surely I will get it done. The plan is to ride it next spring. Ride on, Scott
  4. scottie_b205

    86 yamaha tt600 raptor 660 carb upgrade

    Hello, I have a few questions about your raptor carb upgrade. Did you use the stock tt600 throttle cable or a twist throttle and cablr from the raptor? How did you hook the choke up? Did you write down the jetting you were pleased with? I'm thinking about going the raptor route with my tt600. Thanks, Scott
  5. scottie_b205

    Get up and ride Tomac!

    Maybe Eli was cross eyed after seeing the alpinestars gear that was picked out for him. That stuff was hideous. It would be nice if he toned the the cocky attitude. He has only backed it up once so far this year. Riders like Rick Johnson were cocky but he brought the dizzle week in and week out.
  6. scottie_b205

    1983 yz100 kickstarter

    Does anyone know if a aluminum kickstarter assembly from a 1982 yz125 will work on the '82-'83 yz100. Thanks, Scott
  7. scottie_b205

    Davalos crashes at Milestone - status not yet known

    Boggle wasn't even suppose to ride the series after his off season injury. It isn't over until Vegas. A lot of practice, heat, and main event laps to get through before its over. Anything can happen As Martin can attest too. I'm sure Martin will show up and try to ride NJ. If not he is still eligible to ride the 250 again next year.
  8. scottie_b205

    Who is going to the NETA training school this Sunday in RI?

    I'll be going. I won't be riding the SWM though. I'm taking the GASGAS. Scott
  9. scottie_b205

    1982/1983 IT175 airbox strap

    Does anyone know if the airbox cover holding strap from the 1985/1986 IT200 will work on the '82/'83 IT175? Its the one on the outside that runs next to your boot not the one on top. The part numbers end the same. Its the model designation first three digits that don't match when looking up part numbers. Thanks.
  10. scottie_b205

    RC talks Arenacross

    So does the road to supercross mean riders that are getting thier pro licence this year have to go through arenacross? When I go to worcester this weekend will Ciancarullo or Bisceglia be there?
  11. scottie_b205

    Piston ring positioning

    I'm good to go now. I emailed wiseco and asked about the ring position their reply is below.. Thank you for your online question, I can see where our standard form can be confusing on the single compression ring part like the KX450F. This was not intentional, with so many variations we sometimes overlook a basic item. On your bike, what is critical when assembling the rings on the piston is that the proper sides are facing up (side with the mark on the top ring). When placing end gaps, what is important here is that these simply do not overlap. So clocking them evenly around the piston for the top ring, and then staggering them for the oil rails and separator, will assure you are good on initial start up. The ring end gaps will eventually move as the engine runs, and rotate around the piston, so this staggering step is important only at the initial assembly. So to answer your question directly, use the top ring location for your piston, and you should be Ok to go. I hope this information is helpful, please let me know if you need anything further. Kind regards - David J Sulecki Market Segment Manager Wiseco Performance Products
  12. scottie_b205

    Piston ring positioning

    I just put a wiseco piston and rings in an '02 xr80 and used the wiseco recommendations. The 450 rec looks similar the 80.and list a second compression ring. Thats why I have asked the question of ring gap positioning.
  13. scottie_b205

    Piston ring positioning

    This may be a stupid question but its boggling my mind. I am installing a wiseco piston in my '07 KX450. The wiseco ring positioning is about 180' opposite of the stock positioning. The compression ring is definately 180' with the gap shown on the intake side as opposed to the exhaust side. I guess i'm looking for conformation that the wiseco chart is correct and not the kawi stock piston ring positioning.
  14. scottie_b205

    Reed on a Kawi in 2014

    This can't be true. 5 threads down Reedy is officially on KTM.
  15. scottie_b205

    03 kx 125 broken reed

    I would take the whole cylinder off and inspect since it's half a reed being fed directly into the crank. You don't need to take the head off so at the very least it will cost you a base gasket. You could take the head off and clean the power valves while everything is apart though, that will cost you two o-rings. The KX motors are so easy to get in and out of the frame to do the job. Draining the antifreeze is the biggest chore and thats not hard.