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    Dirtbikes,Streetbikes,Cars,Wife & Kids in there some were.

    Pics for my nor cal folks

    Nice pics Dan thanks

    Real dusty......Tips???

    Ride in groups of 2. You either have to ride on there butts and hope they don't crash or hang back a few seconds.I am not the type to hang back for nothin so just push your riding partner a little harder.
  3. C here I tried to stand as much as my legs will let me.

    Neck Surgery

    Glad everything went OK Dwight glad your back with us.
  5. Yes it is the BEST! I love Stony!
  6. It sure would have been a GREAT day to RIDE a little rain nice and wet no dust.Wish I could have gone too.

    Pirelli tires are excellent.

    Been using pirelli about the last 2 years tried alot of different tires liked them all but the MT 16 ,MT 32 rear are EXCELLENT tires

    SmileyRiley NEEDS our help - It's a tragic story !

    Ya keep us posted always willing to ride for a GREAT cause prayers go out to Jim and Family.

    KX 450 for H/S ??

    I ride a 02 WR 426 I don't think they make any thing heavier I have race like 6-7 hare scrambles it is still fun as hell and I can still compete on it in the Vet C class I even trophyed on it.Got 10th out of 65 guys in my class.RUN what ya brung. might need some changes some ad ons skid plates lever guards gearing change.
  10. JRAMBO

    hare scrambles

    Hare scrambles are a BLAST!!!!!Fast as you can go for an hour and a half.Well if you can ride all out for an 1 1\2 hours.
  11. JRAMBO


    I had a 76 KZ 1000 I had so much fun on that thing I road it every were that thing never let me down.clean your carbs shoote a little oil in the cylinder see if it turns over check the points and condenser I switched mine over too electronic ignition the good old days.They DO NOT handle real well but man do they go straight.
  12. JRAMBO

    Have you seen kx1984 Lately?

    Sweet hope you guys kick some butt.
  13. He is not leaving for two weeks though should not be too bad maybe.
  14. If you go to davis flat you have plenty of room to manuever and the road is good you should have no problems.