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  1. Sjokske

    TM 530 clutch basket

    Does anyone know whether a Hinson (or Barnett or another high-end brand) clutch basket for a TM 530 (mine is a 2008 enduro) is on the market
  2. Sjokske

    Tm models - 2009

    The frame almost hasn't changed from 2008 to 2009 Just some minor reinforcements to the shocker-mounts (om my 2008-530 they welded some reinforcing plates to the backsides of those mounts).
  3. Sjokske

    Tm models - 2009

    Please hand over the microscope to see the difference
  4. Sjokske

    Hammerhead shift lever for TM

    OK, thanks a lot
  5. Sjokske

    Hammerhead shift lever for TM

    Does anybody have an idea what type of Hammerhead shift lever is compatible to fit my TM530 I'm looking for a heavy-duty shift lever which I can tune to the size of my boots. Some parts for other brands of bikes fit my bike (front sprocket and Rekluse clutch for GasGas is the same, front brake pads (Brembo) are the same like KTM, rear brake pads (Nissin) the same like some Jap's), so why not the same story on the shift lever.
  6. Sjokske

    tm 250 08 advice please

    Nice pic's, how did you manage to get in
  7. Sjokske

    tm 250 08 advice please

    It's definitely more stable than the KTM's of my team mates I'm glad I chose the Marzocchi/Ohlins-combo In the beginning the Marzocchi's are indeed pretty harsh, but's they behave way better than the Kayaba/Paioli's on my previous (2006-model) bike.
  8. Sjokske

    Aprilia sxv 5.5

    Which muffler is mounted ? A friend of mine received his '08 RXV550 last week with a Arrow-muffler mounted (the original box-system exhaust came seperately as a spare part), and with this Arrow-muffler it's just runs so smooth
  9. Sjokske

    TM Bling

    The price would be skyhigh when I counted all the hours spent I machined aluminium frame mounts, ordered 1 square meter of HDPE-plate (thickness 6mm.), mounted a part of the plate to my bike using the mounts, formed it using a heating gun, jigsawed some wedges in the plate to be able to form the sides, and welded the formed sides to eachother. Then I sanded the welds flat using a tabletop sanding machine, drilled venting holes, glued rubber inlays to the frame mounts ............................ Not that hard, if you've got the machinery (and the time) As you can see it's made for the 2008 aluminium frame (which has another layout than the steel frames), so it wouldn't fit your bike I guess..
  10. Sjokske

    TM Bling

    Home made bling :
  11. Sjokske

    Boreem Motor Sports???

    A what
  12. Sjokske

    Radiator Guards For 2008 Aprilia RXV

    Check this one : http://www.mecasystem.fr/produit-305-a1473-arceaux-de-protection-radiateur-450-550-rxv-sxv-aprilia-am-06*08.html
  13. Sjokske

    2008 Tm Mx250

    Some models tested in march edition of www.motocrossdigital.com
  14. Sjokske

    2008 Tm Mx250

  15. Sjokske

    She's in !!!

    Depending on your budget you can choose whatever you want on both MX and enduro bikes : - Front : Kayaba/Paioli, Marzocchi or Ohlins (however TM will stop equiping the bikes with the Ohlins-forks in the near future). - Rear : Sachs or Ohlins.