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  1. I have a small crack in the clutch cover on my 87 XL600 where the oil line bolt screws in. The bolt goes tight, but it leaks a little oil. Does anyone have experience repairing this or is a different cover the only way?
  2. Similar idea using Snap on portable car lift.
  3. Going slow in sand is easier if you pull in the clutch. Stay off the brakes too. When you let off the throttle it loads the front tire. Brakes do the same thing. Going fast is easy, just sit back and gas it.
  4. I bought some shortys , good foot and ankle protection, cheap, forgot the brand.
  5. Depends on gearing. Sent from my SM-G930V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  6. Does anyone know of a 2 ring piston that will fit a 07 CR250 with a standard bore?
  7. Don't do it ! You will for sure catch your sack in it if you do. What kind of chest protector was the dude in the photo wearing? Bow Tie?
  8. I wouldn't put one on anything. The best compromise between performance and longevity is OEM. I leave my stuff as stock as I can get away with. Man! what happened to the smiley faces, was I away that long. Also as it's been pointed out before here on TT I really don't know anything. Found them!
  9. I had a friend that told me I should dress for the crash and not the ride so I showed up at the trail head wearing a hospital gown.
  10. OHV permit fees also will pay for search and rescue if you need it. Without the permit you could be billed for some of the cost.
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