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  1. Thanks for the tip. That's pretty much the range I been using for the most part. I weigh 173 with no gear on and everyone said I have the correct spring rate which is stock that I spoke to
  2. I have been messing around with this setting on my 2014 kx 250f and I am not sure exactly what I should be looking for or feeling when this is set correctly? I try to mess around with it but depending on the day what feels good one day doesn't the next. What happens if I have too much or not enough preload on the for or what will it feel like and what should it feel like when it's just right?
  3. 07 CRT 250r. I been playing with my rebound but can't get it in the sweet spot. The problem I am having is I have to slow the rebound down all the way on the forks to get it to feel like it is not deflecting and say if there are rollers I can feel it following each dip. Now if I speed it up by jus a few clicks I can feel it bouncing back at me and deflecting off stuff. I like it faster though cause the from end feels more planted in corners. The bike is spring for my weight. I tried to stiffen the compression a few flicks and that seemed to help when I had the rebound set faster but it's making the bike wanam push wide Any thoughts?
  4. sdjclevland

    07 vs 08 CRF250R

    3500 is way to much. That 08 is nice though. 2000 is also a good price for that 07. I know the 08 is a better bike
  5. 2007 crf 250r sling for m with plus has the shim stacks changed by my tuner. I told him I wanted it better over breaking bumps. It is better but the forks are for sure softer and sit down in the stroke more it seems. My issue is I have my forks set and comp 10 reb 8. I want to soften my compression so the bike steers quicker it if I do that, the the ride seems more harsh but if I leave it how I have it the bike does not handle as well. I'm guessing it blowing though the stroke. If this is true, will adding more oil help so I can speed up the compression more?
  6. sdjclevland

    Brand new 2006 crf 250 with 0 hours?

    I was at a dealership a while back that had brand new leftovers from like 2002.
  7. sdjclevland

    10 hrs on weisco crank

    You should go on this forum www.pitracer.com under Mx/sx general and lost this. It's our local foul in Ohio and I know guys from wiseco are on it
  8. sdjclevland

    2013 Forks..

    Actually I think it's either 2 or 3 pd of pressure equals one spring rate. In one of the videos I saw it looked like that had some fancy hand pump with a nice gauge on it
  9. sdjclevland

    2013 Forks..

    I really want these air forks they seem really cool and better. I wonder if you can bolt them on to a 250? I would think so but I wonder how they would be on a older crf
  10. sdjclevland

    Bell moto 9 sizing

    Really? Dam. Everything I read says how great it is. I agree I tried on a moto 8 and did not like it either it was not comfy
  11. sdjclevland

    Bell moto 9 sizing

    How is the fit on this helmet? I had a cheaper bell helmet before but had to return it cause it was giving me a headache. I read one person say it was a little tight for them I wear a large in fox v3 and hjc.
  12. I'll swait for weimer to do more before I put him top five. I had dungey first bubba second but switched it so I hope I'm right
  13. sdjclevland

    No Races Online After the Weekend

    That silver light player sucks. You can't skip ahead or do anything and mine ended up just stopping ten minutes in and would not work again. I would really like to see the first motos.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Yeah the only thinng I think I noticed with the fly helmets if I recall is none of my goggle sealed totally to my face. I have Scott hustle which I'm site I can adjust better, fox and xbrand. Do you have that issue also with the f2?
  15. I am only spending around 200 so that's why I don't get a Airoh or v4. I can have a older v3 carbon for 224. A regular v3 for 180 I think is is. Only thing I don't. Like about fox helmets is how close the mouth piece is to my nose. I'm also looking at fly f2 carbon but it seems like te fox may be a little nicer? I just was not sure if the carbon v3 was even worth it but if it is noticeably lighter then that's good