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  1. I've had my 04' CRF450R for over 2 years now, no real maintenance done on it besides regular oil changes and cleaning the air filter. It has a few parts, asv levers, suspension, footpegs but that's about it. I've been noticing a lack of power lately and after jumping on my friends 06' CRF it seemed like he had an extra 50cc on me at least. The thing ripped off the bottom and felt much lighter. My question is, would I be better off just getting rid of my old bike or fixing it up, is the difference between an 04' and 06'-07' really that great?
  2. MXCRacer2003

    The best 07!?!?!

    I see a hefty dose of idiocy in this thread. Take every post with a grain of salt, and take a look at the users icon as well. Of course some jackass with a KTM or Kawasaki icon is going to say that paticular brand will have the best bike this year, based on absolutely nothing but speculation and obvious bias. Buy whatever bike's the cheapest and most reliable, I can guarantee time on the bike will mean alot more than what color it is
  3. Meanwhile i've been putting regular gas in my bikes for years and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. This includes heavily modded race bikes like my old 02' YZ250F and 04' CRF450R
  4. MXCRacer2003

    2007 Honda Pre-Release Info.......

    120 Horsepower! Jesus Christ, Honda must be packing a supercharger plus nitro in that thing, sign me up!
  5. MXCRacer2003

    Interpreter needed !?! LMAO

    "Starting point of feeling passing through five sense!" Oh Boy!
  6. And James is out for Moto 2, off to the ER to be checked out
  7. MXCRacer2003

    Pic of a happy CRF rider...

    How is that low-mount Scotts Stabilizer if you don't mind me asking. I was thinking of buying one for my 04' fo-fiddy as well
  8. MXCRacer2003

    Which Steering Stabilizer? (Scotts, WER, GPR)

    That's far cheaper than i've found it everywhere else. Thanks, i'll order it tonight. Will I be seeing a significant savings with the TT order, because that websites price is already low.
  9. I've seen this type of thread posted before, but had to make my own because it's simply too much money not to ask and I never see the WER Stabilizer mentioned anywhere. I keep going back in forth in my head between all three of these. The stabilizer must be front fender mounted, there isn't any other way to fit it on my 04' 450. The Scotts is by far the most expensive, and I still can't seem to nail down an exact cost anywhere. What would the cost be for the stabilizer and front fender mount kit altogether? Other than that, the GPR is somewhat cheaper and the WER is far cheaper. I know I want a stabilizer, but making this decision is killing me (and my wallet)
  10. MXCRacer2003

    Anyone Ride Barona Oaks in San Diego Co.

    I can tell you from personal observation that I see more people seriously injured and air-lifted from that track than any other in the entirety of California. To clarify, i'm not saying it's a bad track, but the owners could tame the track a little for lesser riders. They seem to have bought into the whole Supercross-style track layout, with massive doubles everywhere. Recently it's been literally impossible to do the in-field double if you're on a two-stroke or small bore four stroke. The practice setup is also lame as hell. The track and facilities are quite good, but I sure do love getting there on the bright on a practice day and getting in a grand total of 2 hours of practice time at most. Overall it's a promising track with great dirt but horrible management.
  11. MXCRacer2003

    Stupid track worker stunts

    I wasn't aware anyone still went to Lake Elsinore. That track has turned to such complete crap, why would anyone go there anymore? The dirt is horrible, the facilites suck, the flaggers suck, the tracks are hammered, and the bikes end up clogged with clay and grit by the end of the day. The last time I went there was two months ago, and after seeing the condition it was in then, I seriously doubt i'll ever go back again. In comparison, Cahuilla Creek kicks ass. Great facilities, helpful track workers, amazing dirt, amazing tracks, great areas to view the riding, and bikes that stay clean throughout the day. Cahuilla Creek is so far and away better than Lake Elsinore, is it any wonder that on any given day there are about 1/3 of the riders that there were before CH opened? If you haven't been there, it's only 30 minutes from Lake Elsinore, well worth the drive. I'm not sponsered by the track or anything, I just swear by it after riding there for the last few years, and so do all of my friends.
  12. MXCRacer2003

    Is the FMF Megabomb header crash resistant?

    Have you had any crashed on it yet, or has it dented badly?
  13. MXCRacer2003

    Is the FMF Megabomb header crash resistant?

    I highly doubt you rode it a few years ago, seeing as how the pipe has only been on sale for a few months now. Besides, the megabomb actually quiets the bike down. The bike I rode that had it was an 05' CRF450 punched out to 480, and it was still quieter than my 04' with the stock pipe and no motor mods.
  14. MXCRacer2003

    Is the FMF Megabomb header crash resistant?

    So then the header should in theory hold up then, because that certification makes it sound like the header was thoroughly crash tested.
  15. I can get a very nice deal on an entire Factory 4.1 system for my 04' CRF450R, including the Megabomb. I rode a friend's bike that had it, and it seemed to protrude out pretty far from the bike. As far as I know it's titanium, so wouldn't it be dented to hell even with a single tip over to the right? I'm an on again off again crasher, usually eating it once every two months or so. The prospect of mangling a header with one crash doesn't sound like much fun, so i'm wondering if anyone with experience with the megabomb has had it crack or smash in. The choice now is between the megabomb and powerbomb, and the powerbomb seems to tuck in much better. Anyone have a clue?