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  1. The techs were definitely not op to the task. I feel like it was a circuit board issue sensing it was overloading. I'm no electric bike guy but they were fun and did very well in tight courses. Battery life was plenty for what we used them for. I think the DS is a bit heavy for trails. Also the one we had that problem with was a 2013, I think the fixed it in 2014. Here is the 2014 in a cone course.
  2. It will spin to wide open with the wheel in the air. Put it on the ground and turn the throttle, moves about 1" and cuts all power.
  3. I thought the same. I think it was something else and they were trying to avoid the repair. They said they would call me when a retrofit motor was available.....still waiting for the call...
  4. It was a work bike, I didn't have a choice what they choose. Bought from a green grant. I wanted WR's. Thankfully I didn't loose a penny. You think they learned?? Nope they just got two more...oh well.
  5. I liked Zero's before this happened to me.
  6. Buy it, here is my video of what it cost me to rebuild my CR250 I list the cost of everything right near the beginning. You won't need everything I got for it. I didn't do the engine but I can do a complete rebuild with a replate for under $700. If you only repair the essentials you should be under $1k it's the pleasure of a 2 stroke, cheap rebuilds. Look for "open box" wrench rabbit kits on eBay or have someone rebuild the crank, new gasket set, replate the cylinder and new piston and rings. Plenty of engine rebuild videos to help.
  7. Had one on a GS500, it starved the carbs of fuel more than once. Took it off, problem solved. I don't use them, if your bike is getting junk in the carb, find out why and fix it don't put a band aid on it that can cause additional problems
  8. When I was a kid and had a mini, I rode it all day. What kind of kids are they aiming for with a 25-60 min run time? Nah I'll pass. I hope they stop this electric bike sillyness. Even if they make the batteries swappable, what are you going to do, pay your buddy with the gas powered bike to carry a spare into the woods for you?? Yes, I've rode electric bikes and they are fun, but the tech is just not there.
  9. Ok, so my channel has just over 4k Subs, it's my side fun job, I make under $400 a month on it. The key is the other money, being a affiliate can make better money. Rocky mountain ATV, Amazon etc. It's all the other things. Also Kyle has raffles that bring in a bunch as well. The bigger you are the more likely you are to get free stuff to review, bikes to test and all that. So unlike some of these young kids with mega subs, us small dirt bike guys have to do other things connected to our channels to make all this editing worth it. Based on what I make on my little channel, I'm sure he is doing just fine. I don't feel right with the patreon thing, at least not until I'm doing it full time. Here is my channel if you want to help me get closer to one of these sweet BETA 200's! https://www.youtube.com/user/tepco1 Tepco Cycle Repair
  10. I use a transparent can for my premix and a red can for regular. Transparent can always shows the tinted mix (blue Saber for me) older gas always goes in the car, only fresh fuel for my ride.
  11. Steering damper, my shoulder surgery cost way more and the damper would have prevented my crash. You'll never notice it working if you have it set up properly. Oh and when your buddy clips your bar sending you to full lock...a damper would stop that.
  12. Unless you're in the street then the AMA believes you shouldn't have to wear a helmet, idiots! But, I never thought about wearing a DH mountain bike helmet for ventilation. DH guys are going stupid fast in similar terrain. The only issue I see is the vents are so big I would worry about branches impaling your melon.
  13. Alright, I ended up going with a PWK 36mm. Setting up Jetting now.
  14. Damn, I was out for the 28th but definitely out for the 12th. Would love to ride with a large group. I'll ride any terrain. Hopefully I can make it to another, I'm in Greensboro.
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