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  1. oticoyote

    bro's double back vid

    Let us know when you do the double brinboy. Love to see it.
  2. oticoyote

    Banjo bolt on 04 KX500

    Anyone know the size of the banjo bolt on a KX500 2004. I am streetifying it and the mechanical switch I used on my DRZ400E when I made it street legal won't fit because of the kick starter. I am therefore going to use a hydraulic switch but I need to know the size of the banjo bolt. Help.
  3. oticoyote

    Burned help with front end wash

    Kenda Carlsbad
  4. oticoyote

    Burned help with front end wash

    I currently ride two bikes - a KX500 and my DRZ E. I like both for different reasons. My main dislike with my DRZ is front end washout. I find myself always holding back a bit in the corners for fear that I'll lose the front end. When I do, it usually happens suddenly with a smackdown on the ground. My KX front tire holds the line so much better, though a CR250 I had earlier this year was definitely the king for front end grip. How can I improve the situation? Obviously a good tire is key. Should I stiffen things up on the suspension? That may be a bit of a problem because I ride in an area full of small sharp, embedded rocks. Help. FYI, I am an intermediate rider 5'11" and 180 lbs.
  5. oticoyote

    Guided off road tours around Orlando area?

    Thanks for that link. It lead me to the Ocala National Forest. Says like a nice OHV park there. Ideally though, I would like a guided tour because I will be alone. Anyone know if I can rent a bike near the Ocala Forest?
  6. I will be travelling to Orlando this weekend. I am looking for a one-day guided off road tour that provides bikes and gear. It needs to be within 1-2 hours drive from Orlando and the operator needs to be reputable. Any suggestions? Also, any motocross to watch in this area over the next week or so? Thanks in advance.
  7. oticoyote

    strapping down

    About one every 2 weeks as far as I can tell.
  8. oticoyote

    Riding in the rain

    I live in an area where there is a lot of rain. I don't mind riding in the rain at all except that I can't see squat. I 've tried Rain X on the goggles and all that, but I didn't feel it helped much. Any suggestions?
  9. oticoyote

    01 drz400e can i add turn signals?

  10. oticoyote

    The old question of DRZ's weight

    When I move my E around in the garage and then my KX500, it puts it all in perspective. The E is heavy, no doubt about it compared to any MX bike. The lightest feeling bike I've had (for pushing around the garage) was by far the 03 CR250. That felt like a bicycle. It was a bit heavier after the picture in my avatar was taken.
  11. oticoyote

    I found it - a light DRZ

    There is no doubt the styling of the KX500 is, like the rest of the bike, a bit dated. But oh my !@#$%^ is it fun! Mine came with a FMF Gnarly Desert pipe and Powercore silencer, Vforce reeds, Renthal bars and a Moose skid plate. It was a good deal, for sure. I've added an O-ring chain and I think I will buy an oversize tank. The Moose pipe guard is in but not on and I still haven't decided about which rad guards (Unabiker doesn't make them, yet). It suits my riding ideally because I usually spend 1/2 of my ride on the trails and the other 1/2 in the "sand pit" doing small jumps, climbing crushed stone mountains, etc. (Sadly, the only mountains around my neck of the woods are made of sand and crushed stone and owned by paving companies.) This bike handles both well. The DRZ is a bit gangly for the the latter - at least in my hands. I still think I'm faster in trails on the DRZ than on the CR250 or the KX500.
  12. oticoyote

    I found it - a light DRZ

    Well it's not actually a DRZ, but the latest addition to my stable is a 04 KX500. Man this thing is truly like a DRZ that weighs 220 lbs. It easily lugs a high gear, is content to poke along on single-track and yet has 65 horsepower when you want. It vibrates a lot more than the ole DRZ though - but it's not too bad. It's actually easier to ride than my CR250 because it does need to be constantly revved. In fact, it seems to like the short shift better. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/oticoyote/228-2816_IMG.jpg Suspension is not as cushy as a DRZ (which I think has the BEST suspension available for the sharp rocks I ride in), but it is not bad, even stock, for a MX bike. Apparently reliability is very good to. This machine was used a few hours, but as you can see, it is in absolute mint condition. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/oticoyote/228-2824_IMG.jpg Anyone else here own or have ridden one? If not, you gotta try one if you get a chance. I love this bike! (I love you to DRZ).
  13. oticoyote

    New sprockets - always mean new chain?

    Two bikes, one I'm selling, just put new sprockets and O-ring chain on that one. The other bike I just bought - basically brand new but has aluminum rear sprocket and standard non Oring chain which I doubt will last any time. The plan was to take the O-ring chain off of the bike to be sold and replace the stock non-Oring chain on the bike to be kept. What I'm thinking about is in 2 months when the aluminum rear sprocket is gone, will I need to replace the O ring chain too? Should I just replace the aluminum sprocket with steel right now? That's what I'm thinking of doing. Hope that makes sense.
  14. I understand that chains and sprockets wear as an item. No point in new chain with old sprockets, right. How about new sprockets with old (but still very good) chain?
  15. oticoyote

    Is a 400E or S Too Much for Me???

    DRZ E is simple to ride period. Anyone can ride one, if you can touch the ground, and you can. Nuff said.