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  1. WRookie

    Front wheel hanging up

    I had the same thing happen to me. After greasing the wheel bearings I put the tire back on and it had a lot of drag. I had put the axle spacers on the wrong sides. The tire went on but it wasn't quite centered and the disk was dragging in the caliper. It is an easy mistake to make and correct.
  2. WRookie

    red hot yz450 exhaust

    OMG!!!! not the dreaded red hot header. Say it aint so. Man your bike is toast now but I'm willing to help you out. I will give you one dollar and take that basket case off your hands. No need to thank me for this, I will bask in the warm glow of helping out a fellow TT'r. Sorry to rush off but I have to go answer some "Will my fully modded xr70 beat a ____ in a parking lot drag race?" type questions.
  3. What kind of air filter oil do you use? I had a lot of dust in my carb when I used no-toil. I switched to PJ-1 and my carb stays clean.
  4. Stand up. Try gripping the bike with your heels to add stability. It keeps your CG low and it is easier to recover when the bike tries to swap.
  5. WRookie

    05 wr450--which size 952 for the rear?

    Sorry Turismo but I dont agree. I have found that I get much better traction with a 120 than a 110. The bike feels like it is reving harder/quicker with the 110 because of excess wheel spin, IMO. I think you are right about the 120 being heavier but I dont think the difference will matter on a 450. I switched to the 952 rear recently. No complaints so far.
  6. WRookie

    GAs pouring out of tank vent

    Gas coming out of the tube? That seems vented to me. The valve should let air into the tank and keep the gas from escaping. It sure sounds like yours is backwards.
  7. Ok Sub, how about you warn us when you plan on watching the race so we don't ruin it for you. Or would that be too much trouble for you. Maybe we should have a 7 day waiting period before any comments are made on race results or events. Would that make you happy Sub. After all, we are only here for you.
  8. WRookie

    Dead Engine Starts

    no, the last model year to have manual decompression was 02.
  9. I got my first bike at age 36, a WR250F. I had a blast on that bike but last April I picked up a new YZ450F. The WR started to collect dust so I sent it to a new home. I'm 38 now and did some vet begginer mx races this past year. I think this will be a life long passion for me. I plan on riding until I can't walk anymore.
  10. WRookie

    WR Mufflers

    The best mod I made to my 02 was replacing the stock muffler with an FMF. The FMF was 4lbs lighter. With that much weight difference high up on the bike it felt a lot lighter and much more fun to ride.
  11. WRookie

    Free mods are easier than you think!!!

    The starting drill went away in 03.
  12. WRookie

    Easy pull clutch system

    Magura anyone?
  13. WRookie

    I don't know what to do anymore...

    Did you just put a bash plate on your bike? They can make the engine sound like it is coming apart.
  14. WRookie

    TWMX mag rated the 2006 YZ450f....

    Actually, you should use the word "knew". I only point this out because you used "new" twice in this thread incorrectly. It's funny how words get substituted when people rely on spell checkers. "Brake" instead of "break" or "broken" happens repeatedly on TT. As to the identity of Motomouth I am curious, but not very much. If you have a fan base you will probably be better off if you: 1. Lose the MM moniker. 2. Create a new TT account with your credentials out in the open. 3. Stop posting like a jackass.
  15. WRookie

    trail bike

    I agree with MR WRite. I have no experience with the DRZ but I think it would be better suited for the road trips you mentioned. I wouldn't want to go on a long trip on a WR without an oil change.