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  1. dolfinfan

    CRF450X Starter Problems

    So my 06 450X is having a similar issue but I can hit the button and the bike will crank and at times it will slow down and sound like its trying to turn every gear in the bike at the same time, like a huge strain on it. Now the diff here is that when I try to kick it I can feel the same drag and I can slowly push the kick starter down a few times until it releases and then It will kick freely again. I am thinking I need to look into the same issues here, but no one has said they feel the same drag in the Kick starter as well. Any Idea's or still the same? Thanks
  2. dolfinfan

    Broken Fuel Screw?

    Me too. Only way to go. Philips must be out with these screws.
  3. dolfinfan

    led pod headlight

    This is how I just did mine. Because of the light I had to remove the bottom of the stock number plate with the stock light. I actually used the studs sticking up that the number plate pushes down onto and created all my brackets based on the measurements from that. It works great and is Rock Solid. If the pic worked then you should see it in its final stage before I trimmed the lower brackets.
  4. dolfinfan


    I'm ready. My X will be also after today's work. Re-packing the exhaust from the Kit I just picked up yesterday. Too much work to take care of it any sooner than today. Also have to install my new Starter/kill switch combo from Highwaydirtbikes. It looks really good. Of course my next ride will be taking my 10 year old daughter on her CRF70 to the trails behind our house.
  5. dolfinfan

    Electric Start Switch

    Very cool. I hope it fits my bars. Did not think of that.
  6. dolfinfan

    Electric Start Switch

    So I have to put a big shout out to HighwayDirtBikes.com. I ordered the switch, paid for it and the shipping and today I get a notice from Paypal that they sent me a $7 refund. I guess the shipping was cheaper and they sent me the difference. That's character and class.
  7. dolfinfan

    My wife's 450X

    Could not agree more. Nice garage line up. I can only boast of 5 bikes in the garage with the king being the X of course. Keep riding.
  8. dolfinfan

    Electric Start Switch

    Never-mind, I couldn't wait and just ordered it myself in black also. Looked too good to resist the draw it had on me.
  9. dolfinfan

    Going on a diet.

    Krannie as usual is right. I am in process of changing out my pro circuit TI-4 header from a flat titanium to the nice new SS. Also the silencer part got kind of bent up too. Got most of that straightened, but I plan to bring it by pro-circuit this week and see if they can do anything more for it. I'm waiting for new packing for the exhaust anyway so I have time. But long story short, that Ti stuff bend up real easy when its hot.
  10. dolfinfan

    Electric Start Switch

    Nayther, if you can, post a picture when you get it mounted. Would love to see it.
  11. dolfinfan

    Sag measurements in the cold

    Removing your shocks is not hard, but a re-valve on the fronts if your not a pro on them have it done. You should definitely get the service manual to help with all work on your bike. A great investment. If you want a PDF, IM me, however, it never beats the hard copy.
  12. dolfinfan

    fuel range question

    I get somewhere between 90 and 100 on my 3.2 in the desert. But only got to that point once by mistake so I don't run real low too often to know a real accurate #. But I think actually if I ran to zero it would be over 100.
  13. dolfinfan

    Got a 450R - want to take all the goodies for my 450X

    Yeah big wreck most likely. I had a nice off trail down embankment over the bars crash with my bike slapping on its side into the creek next to me where I ended up sitting. Bent subframe, handlebars, exhaust silencer, smashed in head pipe and cracked open water pump cover. Also just FYI when you first start the bike, let it warm up before you start blipping the throttle. Bad for the valves and stuff.
  14. dolfinfan

    APT Smart Carb! Anybody Tried One?

    I agree, I ride my bike in CA at sea level during the winters in ocotillo and up to 10k ft in the Sequoia's in the summer without any changes or problems. But this carb is cool.