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  1. BBA is conditioning Red to be in his sex slave racket.
  2. Bagget is good but he is a Jason Anderson, a damn good rider who will never win a 450 mx title.
  3. That Blake bandwagon sure did fill up on that day however not much since then.
  4. Tomac doesn't have any problems passing and gapping BB. I can see #4 losing another 10 points he's just not on the same level.
  5. I don't like it either, however I can't blame the riders as they are all fighting for contracts and who wants to be labeled as not a Team Player.
  6. I can't recall myself either, haha It's a mute point as all teams want to win the championships and The riders on that team if in a position are expected help the cause. Team mates have done it many times in the past.
  7. So you are ignoring the other races leading up to Vegas where Team KTM was helping Ryan? Ryan is a great champ, but to say he did not have help is ridiculous.
  8. Labeling Eli as dirty racer is a bit far fetched. If he wanted too, he could have blasted him off the track multiple times, instead he tried bunching up the riders and see what happens. Eli did not invent this tactic it's been done before. m
  9. I was agreeing with you, Team bonuses for everyone on team.
  10. I'm sure there's a team bonus, pretty sure Marvin was happy.
  11. I would look at getting a 3 stage smart charger. Smart chargers will Bulk, absorb and float charge
  12. I know for a fact bell helmets still has him on board. I assume Red Bull is in the same boat. I agree nobody wants to cut him a year early but that mystery year is already past years ago.
  13. James is now milking a dead cow. And I thought it could not get any worse......
  14. No avatar regulations as I have one last avatar I need to bestow on someone