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  1. That move to Suzuki looks like a disaster for Hill, he'd be lucky if he even podiums this year
  2. Just don't look at the RockyMountain Fantasy I had ET and MM
  3. I guess I didn't do too bad, missed all of practices AC was looking good until that getoff
  4. Anderson smelling some chicken wings
  5. Shit start drying up in the afternoon, you gotta be there in the morning, I'm usually done by 2. White sprinter van
  6. If JA doesn't win tonight, it would be a huge moral catastrophe for him.i assume He must be thinking the same thing.
  7. I got there around 9, I didn't see your truck, I parked in the back Dirt was perfect today, a few other guys showed up that I wasn't expecting, good times, clutch shifter broke late afternoon, local store didn't have a replacement. So I had a DNF seems that's the going theme today.
  8. Just back back from riding, so what's going on............ holy shit, I need a drink
  9. I started out on an 04 250x, at 5'7 bike was a bit tall, but with the e-start it wasn't a huge problem. I loved everything about the 250x as long as I wasn't picking it up I rode it for about 5 years, looking for a lighter bike I sold it for 07 200xcw.
  10. it's only the top 3, nobody else. I can't see Barcia or Roczen in the race, Barcia will have bad days and just as many average days. Rozen is still fast but I don't see that arm holding up, add a crash in there and he's surely out.
  11. I hope Marvin podiums every race and that guy does one of these every week,
  12. No one is judging him on 1 race, the judgement is from after 2016 SX to now.
  13. Has he been putting in any work, or will he be "racing himself" into shape.
  14. I don't see Tomac as a guy under pressure, I see him as a humanitarian and a man for the people, He knows this was going to be a boring SX season. So he drops his drawers and spots the field a 25, what's the problem?
  15. At this point who actually cares anymore. Only thing guaranteed is if he ever does show up he will be outta shape and sucking wind. I think last time he raced sx he said he was out of shape and was going to "race himself into shape" Never mind the months leading up to it,