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  1. M1Garand


    Anointing yourself FMOTP doesn't come without a few side effects
  2. M1Garand


    Even at 33 Caroili is a bad ass, but I'm not sure at this stage in his career he has all the USA boys covered. Its definetly disappointing Herlings isn't coming, I got my Hangtown tickets and that would have been Epic to see.
  3. M1Garand

    Gonna Blow it Up

    He was neither the fastest or most talented However hats off to the white rider, he was the last man standing, If MM or ET doesn't crash he doesn't win.
  4. M1Garand

    Gonna Blow it Up

    and it was back on the 125 frame
  5. I agree, but still forkner has still been surprisingly well and hasn't tossed a race yet.
  6. NO, The Pitch Fork has matured and is the class of the east. In the west, AC has the talent but win only if he checks his ego.
  7. Ya track looks very one lined, the outside split lane is way slower. Gonna have be be really aggressive to make passes tonight.
  8. M1Garand

    JS7, the silence is broken

    I question the authenticity of that video, at no time did I see Stewy eat shit.
  9. M1Garand

    What A Pathetic Little Lying Amish POS

    A different era, but staement noted.
  10. M1Garand

    Webb is the new Diesel

    BB has been nothing but a disappointment in the 450 Nationals. The way he's riding he's maybe 4th at best.
  11. M1Garand

    What A Pathetic Little Lying Amish POS

    Joey is right, a racers career is based upon the 450 class, a 250 title would be nice but at the end of the day, it's nothing more than sprinkles on the sundae.
  12. M1Garand

    What A Pathetic Little Lying Amish POS

    Take it easy on Mongo he's on his 2nd 12 pack about now
  13. Marv really wanted Coop, I was hoping, so ET could inch a bit closer. But overall it was good racing. now if Eli can only string a few more of these together.