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  1. skinner

    Using the kickstand to get on the bike.

    Thanks for the input guys. I put on weight-appropriate springs, set the sag, on and now the bike sits really tall. No problem once I'm on (love that magic button) but getting on and off can be a PITA.
  2. Is it acceptable to use the kickstand to get on and off the bike or will the stand snap. (Assuming a rider of 185lbs.) On an XR using the stand would not be a problem, on a KTM it would be instant disaster. How about the CRFX? As you might have guessed I have short legs and using the stand can be a big help on occasion.
  3. skinner

    New Shock Spring

    Anyone swapped shock springs on their own? Do I need any special tools? Does the spring have to be "compressed" to get it on? Thanks
  4. skinner

    Cinco de Mayo at Elkins?

    Seems like a good idea to me. Any interest? Georgetown would be an option too. - skinner
  5. skinner

    GT tomorrow morning

    I may be able to go. I've got a barely broken-in crf250x that needs to go to GT. What time are you thinking? And where?
  6. skinner

    There's a Brand New 06 250x in my Garage!

    If you're referring to the radiator guards, I guess I should be more specific. Bolting them on the bike is easy. But threading that bottom shroud bolt can be a PITA - it was with the Devols I had on my KTM. Having those guards on made taking the tank off much more difficult than I wanted it to be. That's what I'm looking to avoid. Is there a way around this with the Flantlands?
  7. skinner

    NorCal riders, what are you using?

    Garmin 60cs - Ram mount, hardwired to bike.
  8. skinner

    There's a Brand New 06 250x in my Garage!

    Today was the first ride with air box, JD jetting and no smog pump! I put thirty miles on and it runs great. While the 450 power would be nice in the wide-open areas, this thing will be perfect for Northern California woods! I have cooked up a couple more new guy questions: (1) Is 30mm really the correct amount of slack for the chain? It seems tight. (2) When I install my bark busters, will I have to cut the throttle tube? Or does it have pop-out plug? (3) The steel cap on my left boot is scratching the pretty magnesium cover. Any remedy for this? (4) How big a pain are the flatland radiator guards to install? And are they worth it? Or should I just go with the WB braces? Thanks for all the help.
  9. skinner

    There's a Brand New 06 250x in my Garage!

    Alright. I've modified the airbox, installed the JD jetting, and reamed the exhaust plug. (Agent Smith's Home Depot tool suggestion was a big help installing the pilot.) What I have not done is the AP mod. The o-rings came with JD kit (as did the 42 pilot) but I'm stumped as to how the install the 0-ring. Are there clear pictures somewhere of how these mod gets implimented? Thanks.
  10. skinner

    There's a Brand New 06 250x in my Garage!

    Wow. Thanks for all the great advice. I guess it's time to visit the TT store for some goodies. I will report back once I get the jetting done.
  11. After much hand-wringing about whether to get a 450 or a 250, I pulled the trigger and picked up a brand new 06 250x. At 5'9 and 180 I deemed the 450 to be too much for my woods focused riding. I think the 250 will be perfect. Yeeha. Now I need some guidance on what issues I should attend to before I start breaking it in. I have done some searching for answers, but my internet time is limited so any help would be appreciated. Questions: (1) Jetting - can I get by with the CA needle? Or should I get a 49 state or JD needle? (I ride between 3,000 -6,000 feet and it gets pretty warm.) Suggestions on jets would be appreciated. Currently, I am thinking 145 main, 42 pilot, 55 leak, stock needle 4th clip, but I haven't touched it yet. (2) Suspension - should I set the sag right away, or wait until the bike has been ridden a couple hours and things have had a chance to settle? (3) Exhaust - Any reason (other than a little more sound) why I shouldn't pull the exhaust plug? (4) Is there a favorite skid plate? (5) Any other tips that you think would really help me enjoy the new 250? Thank you!
  12. skinner

    Choice of Dual Sport: 400s or 400e

    Both bikes are $4,400.
  13. More specifically, here's the choice: (1) MINT 400s with goodies - 600 miles, full yosh, mini blinkers, plates, protection, bars, etc, (no FCR or cams); (2) Plated KLX 400e with 1300 miles, dual sport kit, protection but otherwise stock motor and exhaust. I live in Kalifornistan and that complicates things. I will never have a DMV issue with the 400s. On the other hand, the KLX400e is sort of grandfathered in, sort of. Finally, the intended use in 96% dirt single track - with the occasional dual sport trip. What says you?
  14. I've got a chance to buy a 2000 DRZ400E for a very fair price and the bike is clean and stock. Anything funky about the 2000 model year?