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  1. wickedmotoclown

    Moving to Colorado - Have a Few Questions

    Thank you to everyone who posted some helpful suggestions. I'm looking forward to checking out all the great aspects of riding in Colorado. I'm not afraid of jumping in and helping out, I help run a local club/practice track in Georgia so I have some idea of how much work it takes to keep a track/trails open and enjoyable for all. For those of you with less than helpful suggestions - news flash for you - every place is getting crowded! The economy is booming, and in case you haven't noticed there are more people in the world than ever before. Colorado has definitely seen a huge influx of people, I can even see that being an out-of-towner that visits the state a couple times a year. I don't necessarily like it either, but unfortunately it's part of life, so maybe get out and go ride your dirt bike and blow off some steam instead of sounding like such a curmudgeon on some internet forums.
  2. wickedmotoclown

    Moving to Colorado - Have a Few Questions

    Thanks for the info - sounds like a great club! I'm definitely interested in helping out - I'll be sure to swing by the next meeting as soon as I get out there!
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm moving to Loveland Colorado in the next 2 weeks. I'm staying with a friend but unfortunately he doesn't have room for me to store my van/bikes. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good storage place that has high ceilings so I could park my van in there? I have a high roof Ford Transit and it sits about 9'4" tall or so. Also looking for some suggestions as to some motocross tracks and great trails to ride. I've ridden at IMI Motorsports and Berthoud (though that looks to be closed down now) before, and I'm anxious to check out Lakewood for sure. Any other suggestions for good tracks? I'm really looking forward to checking out the trails out there as well. I've been on some awesome trails in Montana and I know Colorado has a ton to offer. Any suggestions are helpful! Thanks in advance. Justin
  4. wickedmotoclown

    Question - swapping out Showa Twin Chamber Internals

    That's what I was thinking/seeing. There is a circlip on the CRF forks that keep the CRF spring seat from going too far up, but I think the spring tube in the RM setup will fit right over that. I'll be taking both sets of forks to my local suspension guy this weekend to see what he thinks and what we need to do to make it work. Thanks for the replies!
  5. Wondering if I can swap out these inner cartridges. Both are Showa 47mm twin chamber forks, the top cartridge is from a 2007 CRF250X, bottom is from my 2005 RM250. The diameters and lengths are the same. The the seat for the fork spring is different as well as the end "cap" down by the cartridge rod seal. The bottom one is the one that was damaged from the nut on the rebound stack coming off, and I'm pretty sure it damaged the inside of the tube down by the cartridge rod seal and bushing. What I'd like to do is just replace it with the top set and internals. I'm thinking I might have to swap out the end "cap" where the cartridge goes in. Obviously the valving will be different and I'll have to have it revalved, but other than that I think this should work. Anyone have any thoughts on if this will work without damaging anything? Thanks.
  6. I was having the same issue as you, though on a 2005 RM250. The nut on top of the rebound stack came off and then everything inside the internal cartridge blew apart. See my post here for the damage: Long story short, I would stop riding it and take them to a reputable suspension shop and have them looked over. Hopefully you haven't damaged them that bad yet, I on the other hand am having to get pretty much all new internals. Good luck!
  7. wickedmotoclown

    Broken Inner Cartridge Rod - Showa 47mm Twin Chamber

    DinoY - yes, I'm sure at the very least the cartridge rod seal and bushing will need to be replaced. I dumped out the mid valve assembly last night all in pieces, I think what happened was that the nut came off the top of the midvalve stack, and that caused everything to come loose. Needless to say it's quite depressing to see a bunch of chewed up metal pieces laying on the bench top. From what I can see from the Racetech website all of the seals/bushings/wear parts that they offer are the same part numbers between the CRF-X and the RM, so I'm hoping that means that the internals are compatible, but I won't know for sure until I get the CRF-X forks and take them apart and compare them. If worse comes to worse it looks like there are some full cartridges available on eBay that will work. Thanks for all the feedback and help!
  8. wickedmotoclown

    Broken Inner Cartridge Rod - Showa 47mm Twin Chamber

    Sorry for the lack of clarification - but yes, that was my main question, so thank you! I don't suppose you happen to know the length of that rod in the RM250 application do you? I just measured my broken one and it came out to 15 5/8", but there's a chunk stuck up in the rebound valve assembly that I can't get out yet, so it will be longer than that. Based on my educated eyeball guess it looks to be close to what you came up with. I'm thinking I should be able to swap the 250X fork internals into my RM250. Thanks again!
  9. Hoping for some help on here. I have a 2005 RM250 two stroke. I noticed the forks were clunking when they would top out over small bumps/whoops. Well when I took them apart the cartridge rod was broken off at the top, just under the rebound valve. The rebound valve is destroyed along with the cartridge rod and the d-shaped rod that the rebound adjuster fits into. But the good news is that unlike KYB, Showa doesn't sell this rod as an individual part (/sarcasm). I can get a set of forks from a 2007 CRF250X from my brother for next to nothing. Those forks are the same 47mm twin chamber forks, and all of the part #'s for the valving and other parts are the same from what I can tell. However, I've been told that the actual length of the cartridge rod might be different between the two. Does anyone have access to the tech specs for that rod? Or does anyone know if those forks will work for this bike? I believe the axle size is different and the X requires a different spacer on the wheel, but I was thinking I could take the internals from those forks and put them in my fork tubes so I wouldn't have to worry about any of that. I realize that the valving will be quite different and I'll have to get that sorted, just trying to figure out if this will work or not. Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. wickedmotoclown

    2006 RM125 DEP Pipe Review (kind of long)

    At this point I have no plans on getting a Pro Circuit pipe for my bike. If my DEP gets smashed or something, I'll just buy another DEP - I'm not looking for anything else out of a pipe than what I got. As far as silencers go, I had a DEP silencer for my YZ250 and it was a lot longer than the Pro Circuit silencer, so it was a lot quieter and didn't have that "throaty" two stroke sound. I have never been able to tell a difference in power between silencers only, though I've heard that short silencers give better low end power and longer silencers give better top end power. Again, I've never felt any significant difference from just changing a silencer, and frankly the Pro Circuit silencer sounds bad ass on this bike, so that was the only reason I bought it - for the sound.
  11. wickedmotoclown

    2006 RM125 DEP Pipe Review (kind of long)

    Hi rovertnamrod, I found that same review when I was looking for pipes for my bike. There's some good info in there, however the engine on the 2003 RM 125 was quite different from the 2006. Suzuki came out with an all new engine package in 2004 that they used through 2007 when they stopped making the bikes in the U.S. I had a 2003 RM 125 before I bought my 2006 and I couldn't believe how much better the 2006 engine was in stock form. That being said, I feel their review of the DEP pipe applies to the 2006 bike as well. I didn't notice any loss of bottom end power, and the bike is definitely a lot stronger through the mid and top-end. I've had a couple DEP pipes for my YZ 125 and YZ 250 bikes that I had, and they performed the same on those bikes as they do on my RM 125. Knowing how they worked on the YZ's ultimately led me to purchase one for my RM instead of a different brand because I felt confident that I was going to get the mid to top-end boost that I wanted. I couldn't be more happy with the purchase of the DEP - it was everything I wanted out of the pipe and it's made the bike more fun than it already was. I can't speak personally about the other pipes, but I don't think you'll be disappointed in the DEP. Good luck and let me know what you decide to go with. Whatever pipe you get it will be interesting to hear how it compares to the FMF pipe that you have now.
  12. Greetings and salutations fellow riders. I have a 2006 RM125 and I recently purchased and installed a DEP pipe on it. I thought I would take a few minutes and share my thoughts about it. Some background on me: I'm 5'6" and weigh around 165 lbs. I'm a Vet B rider and I've been riding/racing for 19 years. I love riding 125's - always have - and I feel like I can get around a track pretty good on one. This is the first Suzuki 125 that I've owned (previously always had Yamahas) and I immediately fell in love with the handling of the bike. Some background on the bike: The internal engine is completely stock. I have a Pro Circuit R304 shorty silencer on the bike, the forks and shock are sprung for my weight (though not revalved), and I went down one tooth on the rear sprocket. As I said above, I really like the way this bike handles and the motor is pretty strong overall. My one (small) complaint is that the motor signs off on the top end. I would often find myself in situations where one gear (3rd in particular) wouldn't pull long enough to get me over a jump. At the same time if I tried to shift into 4th gear the bike wouldn't pull it well enough - so I was stuck in between gears a lot. My brother has a 2008 YZ125 that I would ride from time to time and that bike pulls way longer into the top end and is just plain faster in each gear. When looking at the gearing ratios they are quite different. One of the first things I did was to go down 1 tooth on the rear sprocket. Now you might ask yourself - why not go up 1 tooth to get into 4th gear faster? The reason I went down 1 tooth was to make each gear pull longer as the bike just felt slow in each gear. The gear ratios on the RM are quite a bit lower than the YZ, and I wanted to get a bit closer to those ratios. I was afraid that if I went up 1 tooth that 4th gear would be on the verge of being too slow and that I would have to shift into 5th to get some of the biggest obstacles, and I wasn't sure the engine would pull that. Also, I could take some corners in 3rd gear before I made the switch so I reasoned that going down 1 tooth would make each gear faster and I would still be able to corner easily in 2nd gear rather than 3rd. At any rate, this gearing change helped quite a bit. I no longer found myself in between gears as much and I was having an easier time clearing obstacles in 3rd. I had no trouble keeping it on the power through corners either. After changing the rear sprocket I rode the bike like that for a few months. I still wanted more top end power, but I could live with how the bike was. In November I finally decided to buy a DEP pipe for the bike. I've had several DEP pipes in the past and they all have improved mid to top end power, and that's what I was looking to improve on. I searched around for some reviews but they were hard to come by. Lots of people had good things to say about FMF and Pro Circuit pipes, but I have always liked the gains I've gotten from DEP. Ease of installation (8/10): Installation took a little more work than I expected, but wasn't too difficult. I had to completely unbolt the silencer in order to get the pipe on and seated correctly. Once that was done I bolted the silencer back up and everything was set. I tried just loosening the silencer, but I couldn't get things to line up correctly so I had to take off the side number plate and completely unbolt it. Looks (10/10): Factory bare metal finish - what more can you ask for! Performance (10/10): This pipe was EXACTLY what I was looking for - and then some. Throttle response was improved (albeit just slightly), the bike pulls harder through the mid-range and especially on the top! I was at a track that has a decent size tabletop at the top of a hill, so you're pulling all the way up the hill to jump it. Before I had the pipe I would have to hit my shifts perfectly to get the bike into 4th to clear it. If I stayed in 3rd I could clear the jump, but just barely and the power was falling off about 5 or so feet before the lip of the jump (that doesn't really inspire a lot of confidence when you're running out of power on the face). Now I could clear the jump in 3rd no problem - with power left on tap! I also clicked it into 4th a few times just to see if it would pull it and it pulled much better. No need to be so precise on the shifts, there was enough power that it didn't fall off in between gears. This was definitely the right purchase for what I was looking for. Final Notes: I didn't mess with the jetting at all because the day I went riding it was only about 50 degrees out - much cooler than the typical Georgia riding day for me. The bike was on the lean side, but not so lean that I thought it was going to seize. I'll certainly have to lean out my jetting as the temps rise. A few pics for your viewing pleasure:
  13. wickedmotoclown

    2008 RM125 Project

    I'm very interested to hear how you like the Galfer oversize front brake setup. I have a 2006 RM125 and I'm also looking for more stopping power.
  14. wickedmotoclown

    Radiator Lowering Kit

    I know there was a lot of interest in these some time ago. I have one for sale, details in the classifieds section. PM me with any questions.
  15. wickedmotoclown

    YZ steering bearings whats wrong?

    I just wanted to post an update on this topic. If you read my response above, I put the Kawasaki upper steering bearing in my bike when it had around 48 hours on it. Well my bike now has over 120 hours and I have not had to replace that bearing yet. I have done nothing different as far as how I wash the bike or anything like that. I haven't looked at the new style bearing that Yamaha has out, so I can't compare it to the Kawasaki bearing, but I know the next time I need to replace this bearing that I'll be getting the Kawasaki part. Hope this helps someone from having to replace the steering stem bearing so often!