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  1. kgm423

    93 Beta Zero parts?

    Thanks for all the help, I'll see what I can do this weekend!
  2. kgm423

    93 Beta Zero parts?

    Hi, I just got a 93 Beta Zero, I tore into it this morning and its in need of some work. First off, the oil seems to be full of rad fluid, so I assume its got a blown head gasket or waterpump seal. The bike did run when I got it started and it is a blast but I knew it needed torn down. The kickstart shaft seal looks beat up, it needs a throttle cable, I think thats about it. So does anyone have a recomedation on where to buy parts? Thanks
  3. kgm423

    2 PA, riders in Moab June10th-ish

    Dude, that sounds awsome, to bad I was planning on being there in July......sigh.......hotter weather too. I also have a CRF450X
  4. kgm423

    Taylor Park this weekend, Aug 5-6th

    Sounds good, thanks for the info, I'll be around Dorchester with a CRF450 #53. Why doesn't anyone camp at Dorchester? To crowded or do they charge a fee? See you guys on Friday, hopefully in the afternoon.--Kyle
  5. kgm423

    Taylor Park this weekend, Aug 5-6th

    I should be in Friday afternoon and will try to find this Dorchester campground area and as always will tread lightly on the trail.
  6. kgm423

    Taylor Park this weekend, Aug 5-6th

    Larry and 06yz450, sounds great, any directions to a camp ground or camping area would be great, Dorchester sounds good to me, coming from the east coast we are kinda out of our territory, we will be in a blue Excursion and a grey campmaster trailer. Looking to get out of hot and humid Pittsburgh and into some rocky mountain single track. We should try to put a ride together with a few others or something. --Kyle
  7. Anyone looking to ride up at Taylor Park this weekend?
  8. kgm423

    Trail Riding in CO, WY and MT

    Thanks for the info on The Little Belts thinking of going there, where is the Haymaker area? Is there marked trails? single track? How is the Beaverhead-Deerlodge trails? Thinking of going there too. Thanks again--Kyle
  9. kgm423

    Trail Riding in CO, WY and MT

    Well that sux, any other ideas on where to ride in western/north western montana?
  10. kgm423

    Trail Riding in CO, WY and MT

    Black and Blue Thumper and MontanaTrailChick, thanks for the info on places to ride in Montana, still trying to figure out what and where we are going but Im going to have to make a decision soon cause we are leaving next Thursday.
  11. kgm423

    Trail Riding in CO, WY and MT

    rwkXR400, thanks for the info, I had heard about that area, the only thing that concerned me was a lack of maps of trails, I heard that most of Taylor Park and the area trails are on maps and marked. We will be bringing some maps and gps of course. Just don't want to get lost and wandering around in the mountains!
  12. kgm423

    Riding in Jackson, WY

    Hey guys, planning on riding around Jackson ,WY for a day or so. Anything good in the Gros Ventre or Bridger-Teton forest? Any info would be great and anyone who would want to ride with a few east coast boys would be great. Thanks
  13. kgm423

    Trail Riding in CO, WY and MT

    Thanks for the info guys, we are going to ride Taylor Park on Aug. 5th and 6th. Anyone thats interested for a ride and would like to be trail guide for a day would be great.
  14. Hey guys, planning a trip from Pennsylvania to ride offroad in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Looking for big places with lots of single track and a map or something would be good for finding trails and not getting into places we shouldn't be. Since we only have a week I'd like to ride the best places possible. I've read the current posts and done some searching but I figured this could narrow it down. No offence but we really don't want to go to a place that only has 12 miles of trails, maybe good for an afternoon but I'd like a good 8 hour day. Starting out of Denver and working toward Glacier Nat Park, Montana. Anything inbetween would be cool and anyone who's free during the week of Aug 7th-11th and would like to ride/guide would be a great welcome. So far I've thought these would be good. Rampart Range, CO Some place west of Vail at the Eagle exit (I 70) that I was told about Pipestone and Elk Basin in Montana Have not gotten around to searching Wyonming yet, any info on anything would be great, thanks in advance.--Kyle
  15. kgm423

    Sand suspension setup

    Well, that was a variation of answers. I was thinking stiffer comp. for sure, I just revalved the suspension with a Race Tech kit but didn't have much time to play with the clickers, the ground is frozen up here anyways. I'm going to practice at Ocala Nat Forest for a few days so I"ll figure it out, I'm just sick of getting my ass handed to me every year in Florida, thanks for the input.