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  1. huskynw

    2015 Desert 100

    Or bike.
  2. huskynw

    2000 sm610r HELPPPPP!

    The 2000 husqvarna SM 610 should also have an electric start. If it does not then it is a converted offroad only TE 610. I actually have a spare motor for the 2000 SM 610.
  3. huskynw

    Will Husqvarna have a MX1 or MX2 Team for 2013?

    So where are they going to build the 2 strokes ?
  4. huskynw

    Beta Racing clothing

    This is the husky forum, maybe try the exotics you will probably reach more beta people that way.
  5. huskynw

    husqvarna te 610

    Put in a NGK CR8EIX spark plug, it helps eliminate the surging you are talking about. Husky even has a bulliten about this at one time.
  6. huskynw

    Seattle motorcycle show dec 14-16

    Not much off road stuff, mainly street. The NMA does have a booth however.
  7. huskynw

    Walker Valley work party Nov 10th 9am Cancelled

    Meeting at 8:00 at the gate on the cavanaugh road. The B-1000 road or upper road.
  8. The cat is in between the header and the muffler. Just remove the muffler and you should see it.
  9. huskynw

    TE449 VS TE450

    I went from a TE 510 to a TE 449 , no regrets. I find the 449 a lot smoother and easier to ride for longer periods of time. The 510 flat wore me out after 1.5 hours, the 449 I can ride just as fast but for a much longer time.
  10. huskynw

    Cascade Passes to get Toll Booths?

    The only real winner is the tolling company, everyone else pays.
  11. huskynw

    I need more Cowbell

    Maybe you are thinking of the Webfoot ?
  12. huskynw

    Everett Endurocross 2012

    Anyone know why Maria Forsberg wasn't there ? GNCC ? Injured ?
  13. huskynw

    Lost front wheel at Everett EnduroCross

    That what friends are for !
  14. huskynw

    '96 TE 410 / WXC 410 restoration

    Hi Anthon, those 95-96 4 strokes were known for having a weak ground becaust the CDI was expected to ground through the triple clamps. Mare sure there is a ground from the CDI to the frame. Husky even sent out a factory bulliten regarding this issue.
  15. huskynw

    Walker Valley is closed until Mon, 15 Oct due to fire danger

    Good news you are correct, I am sure the rain this morning helped a lot. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/986591-shhhh-dont-tell-anyone-walker-valley-reopens-13-oct-at-0600/