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  1. ktmfred300

    Green Power Valve Spring '05 250 EXC

    Try that setting. But the red is better but will have to turn it in more on the screw or it will be too much.
  2. ktmfred300

    2012 KTM 250SX - Build Quality?

    I have not owned a Jap since 1993 when I bought my first KTM. My buddy put 16,000 offroad miles with his 05 250 EXC and sold it with the original bottom end. The Euros just build them different from the Japs.
  3. ktmfred300

    Green Power Valve Spring '05 250 EXC

    The green spring will make the motor a slug. If thats what you want. You will get more bottom and more mid snap with the red spring. The older motors love the red spring. I have an 06 300 with the red spring and love it. It pulls 3rd gear in the tight woods much better and hill climbs I can run a taller gear for better hook up.
  4. ktmfred300

    012 ktm 300 idles high after beach work?

    Sand puts a very heavy load on the motor and jetting for sand and jetting for woods are totally different. You might have to go up several sizes on pilot and main for sand. Feed your 2-stroke or it will seize if it gets too hot.
  5. ktmfred300

    2008 KTM 300-XCW - Won't Start with Electric Starter!

    You didn't mention if you did the wet mod or if it would start when warm. With the wet mod and a good battery it will start when cold my friends does all the time. When I had my 08 I kicked when cold and used the button after the motor was warm. That was with the stock battery and cleaned and greased with Bel-Ray. It's a good idea to kick it the first time due to stale gas or just a cold motor.
  6. ktmfred300

    1990 250 DXC water pump seal questions

    A good dealer can call KTM parts and they might have a seal that will work just a different part number. There is a gal Carol that knows her stuff. She helped me many times when I was a dealer.
  7. ktmfred300

    Seized KTM 380, pics

    That motor needs more than a topend. Lower rod is done and so are the mains. Do it all don't kid yourself. Thats bearing debri on the piston and head. And your jetting needs to be fatter by the look of the piston. There isn't any wash coming down the sides of the piston. If you do the labor it should be under $1000.00 and you would have a new motor.
  8. ktmfred300

    Am I the only one who hates the red PV spring?

    The older motors have different porting so it works well on them. The SX 250 is a much more aggreesive motor not needing the red spring. It sounds to me that you are rich on your jetting. Lean out the needle and see what happens.
  9. ktmfred300

    300 creeping clutch

    A cheap fix would be to file the basket. You my friend are hard on the clutch. A lot of clutch fanning in a tall gear I would guess.
  10. ktmfred300

    Heim joint play?

    Best to heat up the bearing a little bit before driving it out. Then freeze the new one and reheat. It will drop in almost. Same process works for wheel bearings. Motion Pro has a cool tool as well.
  11. ktmfred300

    KTM 200 & 300 have the same carb?

    200s need more fuel because of fact they rev more and lug less. You can sometime use the same needle but the 200 will have way fatter jets.
  12. ktmfred300

    Jetting Frustrations - Little Help Please

    It's a good oil but I think the DTP runs cleaner. Amsoil Dominator would be my second choise over the Motorex. I guess I'm not a Motorex fan.
  13. ktmfred300

    Am I the only one who hates the red PV spring?

    It's not the spring it's your jetting!!!!!! What are you running for jetting? What premix? Something is not right. The red spring makes those old motors haul butt. And with the red spring you would turn the adjuster in. It's that much of a difference. Sounds like your jetting is rich. And a 36mm carb is only going to give you maybe more bottom and it will need to be jetted as well. Did you get any jetting specs? Get a JD jet kit for the 38 and jet the thing. If you need more help JD has great customer service. And try a V-Force or Rad Valve reed cage assy as well. Also a big improvement over the stock reed cage. It's all in the jetting believe me.
  14. ktmfred300

    Jetting Frustrations - Little Help Please

    It's DTP from Dumonde Tech in Portland Or. Contact Andy DeVol at 888-609-4467 ext #1. He could tell you what dealers in your area carries his products. Or have your local dealer get in touch with him. DTP is the best premix I have ever tried. It likes fat jetting and is great for guys who lug their motors like me and many other 300 riders. A freind of mine son ran a 105 for 4 years without a topend rebuild and looked great when it was tore down. Just put a new piston kit back in. Crank was fine.
  15. ktmfred300

    Jetting Frustrations - Little Help Please

    Glad you like red spring. You can pull a gear taller and it's great in switchbacks in the mountains.