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  1. It means you have to spend $10 on a new petcock. The vacuum diaphragm is ruptured.
  2. Time Left: 20 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Fair

    Suzuki Quadsport New carburetor and Uni air filter Runs strong and starts easy Link to pull start video-> https://imgur.com/V9rEv6U Fresh Battery, electric start and pull start. Typical wear and tear 2 Stroke engine, Pre-Mix gas Good learner quad or "pit bike" for adults Title in Hand. Current registration


    CANYON COUNTRY, California - US

  3. I think it was the Jeepers. There were street tire tracks on that trail.
  4. you can download locus maps app and they have a free online tracking mode. you will need cell phone coverage and battery power of course.
  5. Will this ride be green sticker friendly?
  6. I'm 190# and the forks will bottom out if i hit a 3 foot jump in 3rd gear, 2nd gear is fine. He should just ride it stock and upgrade the shocks only if he finds they are bottoming out too hard. It really depends on riding style.
  7. I did 100 miles per day on dr650. 80mph no problem and mountain trails on weekends or before work. low maintenance compared to most bikes.
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    Excellent trail bike.
    Excellent trail bike.
  9. There's plenty of trees out here in the desert.
  10. Measure the thickness of the friction plates with calipers. If they are too thin then replace them. I only had to replace 2 or 3 friction plates when my '07 was doing the exact same thing. I'm not sure what the pre '96 spec was but the 96+ friction plates should be .110 to .120 inches.
  11. thanks Bush. Looks like i'll try a couple steps stiffer on the HS Reb. Now I just need to find a day to rebuild.
  12. Okay, so HS reb will help with the over extension in a jump. what circumstance would require a LS reb adjsutment?
  13. I'll order a set when available. A good price would be maybe 20-50% more than metal ones. Imprint a Suzuki S into them and I'll pay double!
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