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  1. Where do you park when you want to ride AF canyon? I am in SLC and usually take my truck up to Midway and park at start of Snake Creek road. But if the access is better near Alpine it might be quicker for me to go that route.
  2. The Xtrainer is what I had my eye on, thank you for the comparison that is helpful. It appears that the downhill braking is my issue, which is good to know, I will attempt to find a local person who can take me on a few newbie trails and get more practice in before I hit the steep loose trails again. Thank you everyone, this has been very informative!
  3. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I most definitely need more practice and I will also try to keep in mind using the front brake more. I know the bike itself won't make me any better and probably need to find something easier to practice on, I'll start looking for better newbie trails. Thanks for the tips. I had been looking at the TTR's and CRF's but those Beta's are calling to me. Since they are 2T are they geared more for quicker runs or will I be able to use them for taking it a bit slower?
  4. Hello! I'm 5'8", 200 lbs with gear. I want to starting riding some of the mountain single track near Salt Lake City - this trail and some similar trails: About 10 years ago I had a KLX250S dual sport that I attempted to take up this trail, it mostly worked until I got to a very steep and loose hill. The KLX did not have enough grunt to get me up the hill at the elevation we were at (had a short runway too) and I ended up having to turn around, but all other things considered I think it did ok. Now I've sold that KLX and replaced it with a DRZ400S dual sport, I took it on this same trail a few years ago. The DRZ was a pig on that trail, 1st gear seemed way too tall to be there, I couldn't use compression to slow the bike downhill, and it was loose enough that touching the brakes didn't do much except lock the wheel. I was pretty consistently falling after picking up too much speed downhill and then picking up bike and starting again, gain too much speed, fall - repeat. I'm looking for something that I can use to take that trail at a slower pace, something I can mountain goat up or creep down the trail with. I don't need street legal as I have the DRZ for all my DS needs, I want something I can take to this and harder trails. What do you recommend? I want to get better at difficult single track and feel the DRZ isn't going to be very helpful. Is wanting to ride trails like this at a slower pace a dumb idea in the first place? Any feedback would be helpful, I don't know anyone in real life that rides these trails so all I have is the interwebs. Thanks.
  5. I hear bludgeoned baby seal can be quite nice as well.
  6. How many miles did you get out of it before it blew? Sorry man, spendy lesson indeed.
  7. That's a great looking Z - let's see some pics of the new one as well!
  8. Can you get it to do the same thing by running the engine at a constant mid-high RPM then slamming the throttle shut? Edit: While stationary that is.
  9. I had an issue where every time I got any speed then pulled the clutch it would die, and would die faster if also braking. Ended up being my idle speed, I bought a tach after someone here mentioned idle speed and sure enough idle was around 1100rpm - put it up to 1750rpm and the problem went away. Jim mentioned it in his post above as well, worth checking out.
  10. Thanks all, will put an ad up in the classifieds.
  11. The MRD already has the quiet insert unfortunately, thanks for the info on the sizing though.
  12. Will an FMF Q4 slip on fit on an MRD header? I have an MRD full system and would like to switch to an FMF Q4 slip (whatever header I don't care) - what are my best options? Price is a concern. I do have the stock exhaust system but it's dented badly in several places on the both the muffler and the header so I don't want to use that although I will consider buying a used stock system if I have to. Could I buy the Q4 and take it to an exhaust place and have them make it fit? This is due to worsening hearing problems, I love the performance and the sound but I am apparently too old to have the best parts now. ...anyone want to trade an FMF Q4 with stock or FMF header for a full MRD system?
  13. You mean to say the REAL S doesn't come with a BB?
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