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  1. delleetodd

    Sunoco 110

    Yes stock engine and I get Sunoco 110 right from a pump locally. Runs greAt.
  2. delleetodd

    Sunoco 110

    I use Sunoco 110 pump gas in YZ250. Runs great, stores longer and no ethanol.
  3. delleetodd

    HSR adjustment recommendation

    Your problems are from your rebound clicker being opened too much. I saw your other thread. I would ride the section where you are having problems and close the rebound clicker a few clicks at a time. If you end up at less than 8 clicks out then you should revalve. If you want to run your rebound clicker that far out you will have to make it much stiffer.
  4. delleetodd

    Power Jet #40

    Here is my leak jet that I installed.
  5. delleetodd

    2017 YZ250X Jetting Thread

    I have a family now so I'm a minimalist. My 250X even has KTM hard parts hanguards lol. Be glad you got money to burn
  6. delleetodd

    2017 YZ250X Jetting Thread

    That's the one.
  7. delleetodd

    2017 YZ250X Jetting Thread

    That's the one. 50 is stock. It's on the carb under the lip of the bowl. Must have a flat head that fits the slot really well. Yes a leak jet is the same thing. I found a leak jet in an old KTM bowl and used that.
  8. delleetodd

    2017 YZ250X Jetting Thread

    Yes those can be symptoms of a lean pilot. I would run a richer pilot when cold out especially if you are on the edge when it is warm out. I like rich pilots and don't have problems running what is recommended stock. My bike doesn't run clean at small throttle openings but it doesn't load up either. I prefer it to be that way.
  9. delleetodd

    2017 YZ250X Jetting Thread

    Just try raising your needle one notch. It may be better where you have it but that is the only thing you need to experiment with.
  10. delleetodd

    2017 YZ250X Jetting Thread

    You too, change to 40 power jet. You both have the same issue. Thank Kinger dude.
  11. delleetodd

    2017 YZ250X Jetting Thread

    The loading up comes from the rich power jet. I went with Kinger's suggestion and put in a 40 power jet. I run 50 pilot, N3EW #3, 178 main. no more loading up. I'm near sea level. I'm going to experiment with some KTM needles now that I got my bike running right. Power jet is the same as a leak jet so you may have one lying around. Sounds like you have your bike running right except for the rich power jet
  12. delleetodd

    main bearing failures on '12-16 KTM 250-300s

    I would guess the main cause of big end bearing failures is lean pilot jets combined with very low oil to fuel ratios. I think these are a couple of bad trends among the offroad crowd, not just the KTM crowd.
  13. delleetodd

    2 stroke engine braking. Myth or Fact?

    I ran a lean pilot in my KTM 200XC for years without a problem. Handed my bike over to a four stroke buddy that aggressively downshifted it on an MX track. He was having a blast since it was his first time riding a 2 stroke. Seized the big end rod bearing in about 2 minutes downshifting off a jump into a corner. He only used front brake and engine braking. Never saw someone ride a 2 stroke like that. Made me cringe before it locked up. Keep the recommended pilot and adjust your needle and main if you have to. My 2 cents.
  14. Stock stacks above new rebound stack below. Start with clicker at 14 out. Don't forget the compression adjuster spring. This will be a good start and you will have a nice plush shock with tons of traction. If you go in with the clicker your rebound will get very slow and pack, it needs to be opened further than stock. You will be able to feel each rebound click and visually see a difference when you push down on your seat. 36.3 36.3 36.3 36.15 36.15 36.15 36.15 25.11 36.3 34.3 32.3 30.3 28.3 26.3 24.3 23.3 22.3