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  1. That's bad juju... he needs to get that squared away.
  2. I heard from a reliable source that he will be on a steel frame... A steel frame and no pesky suspension to bitch about.
  3. An NX650 gear or an FMX650 gear?
  4. Nobody got a picture of that pit board! Let Brock..... what?!
  5. I didnt know I'd have to give up the crack pipe! In that case, no deal! That's just crazy talk!!!!
  6. Seriously... how hard could it be?! It's just riding a motorcycle around in a dirt lot with a few bumps in it. If I wasn't so old, fat, lazy and uncoordinated, I'd take a run at it. Let's do this!!!!!
  7. Back when I was a youngun, a buddy of mine had an orange '76 stingray. He was well known for getting drunk and wandering home with a new acquaintance on any given Friday or Saturday evening. I had to take one for the team and get the stingray home... Tough duty indeed, but I always came through.
  8. An XL with an engine that's not RED?! Sacrilege!
  9. A comedy of errors... jumped long, hit a kicker, bailed and went splat right in to the face of another jump. Change away any of those and he probably would have been fine.
  10. It'll be fun to watch someone play the same game that ET tried to pull at the end of SX. This will be fun to watch.
  11. My only question is... where has he been all season? He shows up big when he NEEDS a ride for next season. It seems like you see a lot of guys ride their best races at the end of the season, get signed and then go back to their "normal" speed. It is definitely a safer approach as they avoid the yard sales and visits to the ER, but it feels like a bit of a "bait & switch". "I'll show you what I am capable of, but don't expect to see it again until the end of this contract" Cynical? Maybe... I'll give Bogle the benefit of the doubt as he is still fairly new to the big bikes. Hopefully he's found his line and will continue to show good speed.
  12. Another rider (I think it was Webb) riding dangerously while Marv was trying to pass him.
  13. WTF is up with MM's whining on the podium?!
  14. Finally got his shit together. Could be the start of something.
  15. Get to see what Zach can do from the back of the pack. AND... we get to watch AC throw away another lead.