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  1. Flaggers pulling bouncer duty?
  2. LOL! Check!
  3. THIS!!!!! An hour and ten minutes of racing PACKED into three hours of air time.
  4. LOL!!!!! No sense of humor over there. Hard core swingers
  5. EXACTLY! Once you say that your'e done, the sponsors quit sending you money. It's simple math. Davi may look stupid (and not remember much), but he knows how the game works. We are all pissed because he's able to pull it off (stewie too). I think I am going to apply for an AMA pro license and start getting sponsors... there has to be a market for a 55 year old fart who never lines up, right?
  6. It's amazing how coherent you write when you are clearly drunk beyond reason! btw... I'd take that drunkenness alibi and run with it! Friese...
  7. Getting better at what? Taking dirt samples and picking his bike up? Definitely... he was on fire tonight.
  8. Not sure where they came up with the idea that you have to pull your hat down so far on your noggin to make your ears an issue.
  9. Friese...
  10. Made me laugh... then I realized you were serious. Now I'm just confused. Friese??? No way that Weston the Viking would let that shit happen.
  11. Perhaps (hopefully) after Giuseppe runs it into the ground, someone else (who actually gives a $#!+ about dirt bike racing) will create a new series that is focused on dirt bike racing and not filling someone's pockets. Did I actually just type that?! Boy, I must have gotten hit (hard) by the naive truck on the way home from work! Someone running a dirt bike racing series for the sake of dirt bike racing... THAT will never happen! <------That's more like it!
  12. There's a thought! Kinda makes you wonder when someone is going to say "enough already!" The number of injuries is insane.
  13. There you go!
  14. Is it too early to hang the dreaded * on this year's winner?
  15. Weston is solid... just out of the conversation. If the injuries continue, he'll be in the *asterisk* conversation... no doubt.