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  1. ThumpNRed

    Look what i found.....

    Vegas were the car to have. A generous dose of warmed over small block chevy and you had yourself a car!
  2. ThumpNRed

    Team Puerto Rico

    I get the point about bringing attention (and funds) to Puerto Rico, but... do we really need to turn the des Nations into a circus? On second thought, calling this a circus is generous... sideshow is a better description. Maybe the Jamaican bobsled team will make an appearance too...
  3. ThumpNRed

    Tomac's Bike Setup

    Don't forget that he is John Tomac's son. In many ways, he rides his motorcycle like a mountain bike.
  4. ThumpNRed


    AND... he handled the equipment malfunction much better this time! His knickers flapping in the breeze didnt derail his race. What in the hell is the deal with his riding pants? Do they need to add "check rider's drawers" to his mechanic's pre-race checklist?
  5. ThumpNRed

    2018 MX Spring Creek Bench Racing - Round 8

    They gave Marv a pass on the post-race interview. Should have asked his thoughts on Eli going around him like he was standing still. Maybe in the post-race presser!
  6. ThumpNRed

    2018 MX Spring Creek Bench Racing - Round 8

    I think Kenny is the only rider out there who has the speed to run with Eli. Kenny just needs to get back into race shape.
  7. ThumpNRed

    2018 MX Spring Creek Bench Racing - Round 8

    Went around like Marv was on an old clapped out XR250
  8. ThumpNRed

    Vinny's Build

    The FCR does involve a bit more tinkering to get it to work, but the job is pretty well scripted out. You can buy a ready to run FCR, but they are pricey. The less expensive way to go is to find an FCR off of a CRF 250 or 450. A NOSS adapter and some jets and a needle gets it up and running. If you can find a used FCR with an extended pilot screw and an adjustable leak jet, all the better.
  9. ThumpNRed

    XR650L air scoops on with 4 gallon tank?

    People have cobbled up scoops for their big tanks, but I have never seen OEM scoops with a big tank. The home grown variants looked like... well they were clearly home grown (me being generous).
  10. ThumpNRed

    Vinny's Build

    Why the Mikuni? There is a lot less tuning data available for the TM than there is for the Keihin FCR. FCR's are pretty much plug and play with the jetting info that has been gathered over the years.
  11. ThumpNRed

    Will this gasket work??

    Like Steve said.... Use red high-temp sealer on the joint and let it cure before you fire up the bike (read the instructions on the tube).
  12. ThumpNRed

    Clutch and front brake perch problems

    At least this would save him having to drag the bike back to the pits!
  13. ThumpNRed

    Clutch and front brake perch problems

    Imagine how boring racing would be if it weren't for Eli's brakes, grenading engine, zippers and mental melt-downs.
  14. ThumpNRed

    Marvins Mechanic

    Not under the seat... takes too long to get to it!
  15. ThumpNRed

    Marvins Mechanic

    It's probably the top secret blue tooth & wi-fi enabled traction control, ABS device. He had to shut it off before it got hacked.