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  1. supercross

    Trust me, I was NOT suggesting that SX leans toward AX, but SX has to start looking different... right now it looks like a 911 call just about every race.
  2. supercross

    You may be on to something. Where are he majority of the really bad injuries. I dont have numbers, but it seems like most of the recent season ending injuries have been on rhythm sections. When you stop and think about it, a rhythm section is a catastrophe waiting to happen. You have all of these different jump combinations that riders can take, BUT when one rider takes a different combination than the guy behind him, he risks getting landed on. On another note, I was channel surfing today and arenacross was on... kinda had me scratching my head as I watched it for a few minutes. They build those tracks so they can't really go that fast. So... I dont know if the solution necessarily has to be to tune down the bikes. I think there has been a bit of an arms race between the bike builders and track builders over the years which has left us with these insane tracks and crazy powerful bikes. And then there are wall jumps... riders hate them, but they sure slow shit down. If something doesn't change, it's going to be another championship year for Chad Reed! Win the championship without ever getting on the podium??? Does that get you an asterisk?
  3. supercross

    The sport has gotten completely out of control. Bikes with way too much power riding on tracks that are way too tight and jumpy. Never thought I'd say it, but yeah, there it is.
  4. supercross

    Damn bike flamed out as soon as I dropped the clutch... wouldn't refire... I SWEAR TO GOD!
  5. supercross

    Exactly... from the point where the throttle hangs wide open until I fly off the berm... I am ON IT!
  6. supercross

    Who you calling fat? That dude's in shape... round is a shape!
  7. supercross

    Cooper needs the shitcan the dufus with the douche flute and get a mechanic who has two free hands.
  8. supercross

    Marvin ran inside of Barcia on the first RH corner. Looks like he might have made contact.
  9. supercross

    There was a lot of love being shared throughout the race. A brake pedal tweaked during the first turn fun is a real possibility. Rear brake is smokin hot by about lap two, boils the juice and no more brakes. It is possible, but mental fade is a better story than brake fade.
  10. supercross

    The fill-in strategy: "I'll just lay here on the couch watching the races on TV with the phone by my side. Waiting for the soil sampler followed by the phone call. Then I'll rack up a string of podiums and they'll all be clamoring to sign me to multi-year contracts!" How many times has THAT worked?
  11. supercross

    But... If you do show up at the stadium and make a decent showing, the guys who write the contracts dont forget about you. Pounding laps at the practice track, spending hours at the gym and grinding endless miles on the road bike... nobody sees it and more importantly, nobody cares. It sucks for a rider to get himself into that position, but once it happens, he has to take some risks to get out of it. Or... start pimping googles.
  12. supercross

    Barcia posted on IG that his "rear brake" was inop so he had to soldier through it. He is learning from Master Eli
  13. AND... Kenny went WFO on the right grip right before the bike went vertical. He was pissed and looped out. Bonehead of the night award.
  14. supercross

    Roll through this at quarter speed and pay attention to Kenny's right hand going into the corner. FULL THROTTLE... WFO. It's no wonder he looped out. WTF was he doing?
  15. supercross

    It's starting to look like the guy who is able to earn points in all of the races, will likely end up winning it all. the 2018 death march SX season. heavy dose of sarcasm here... btw.