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  1. ThumpNRed

    Tyler "One Punch" Evans

    We are programmed to never say anything bad about someone once they die. yzernie trampled on that norm and it makes some people uneasy. I get it, but his comments are grounded in reality, based on his real life interactions. It's honest though and I respect that. My hat's off to both Mog and yzernie for keeping things civil (this could have gone really sideways) Now let's get back to the useless banter about how Bubba was/not the greatest rider ever; KTM will/not take over the world; ET will/not have a mental meltdown; etc.
  2. ThumpNRed

    How to watch 2018 endurocross

    Trackside next weekend!
  3. ThumpNRed

    Tyler "One Punch" Evans

    I'll answer your question with a question... At what point do you feel comfortable pinning the consequences of one's actions squarely on him or her?
  4. ThumpNRed

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    Rock solid!
  5. ThumpNRed

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    Better? Dunno, but it sure makes him faster.
  6. ThumpNRed

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    or did his pants come unzipped...
  7. ThumpNRed

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    Sure glad we finally convinced ET to ride for the des nations team.
  8. ThumpNRed

    A Mart to JGR

    Kind of like a headless chicken. It's deader than a door nail, but still runs around for a bit.
  9. ThumpNRed

    Yamaha swept all 4 motos

    Not sure that this race is a fair example to use... There would have likely been a Kawasaki on the top step of the 450 podium if this hadn't been the last race of the season. Not taking anything away from Yamaha, but it's hard to ignore the other 90+% of the season.
  10. ThumpNRed

    Mxon, Ronnie Mac out.. Kevin Windham in?!

    Lane sharing is the legal term. Lane splitting is a colloquial I avoid using because it's an inaccurate pejorative. If you lived in a country where motorcycle traffic sharing lane space was commonplace and accepted by the populace you'd understand what I'm talking about. Americans are culturally conditioned to see motorcyclists as kids, troublemakers, thugs and recreationalists. Less than 1% of commuters ride a motorcycle in the United States. Motorcycles are toys here, for weekend use. Most of the world understands the benefits accrued to a transport system when significant numbers of single occupancy vehicles are motorcycles, filtering through rather than blocking other traffic and creating more space on the roads by eliminating equivalent numbers of large vehicles from the traffic stream. How all this plays into marketing motorcycle sports in the US vs every other country on the planet is as previously stated. Adults in the US are NOT dedicated motorcyclists. Even the riders are recreational lifestyle dilettantes divided by tribalist attitudes towards one another. You can't effectively market motorcycle sports to the general public here, they don't identify with the activity. They do know and enjoy a circus, regardless of theme, so motorcycle themed circus IS marketable. Orange County Choppers, Sons of Anarchy, etc, make money on the circus, not the riding. Many of the places that Uncle Sam let me visit while doing the Army thing had large numbers of motorcycles like you describe. Most of them were 125cc or less and not really what we'd consider motorcycles though. I can't begin to count the number of times I saw a "lane sharing" scooter rider getting cleaned up off the road with a hose and scrub brush. Let's not advocate that here.
  11. ThumpNRed

    Look what i found.....

    Vegas were the car to have. A generous dose of warmed over small block chevy and you had yourself a car!
  12. ThumpNRed

    Team Puerto Rico

    I get the point about bringing attention (and funds) to Puerto Rico, but... do we really need to turn the des Nations into a circus? On second thought, calling this a circus is generous... sideshow is a better description. Maybe the Jamaican bobsled team will make an appearance too...
  13. ThumpNRed

    Tomac's Bike Setup

    Don't forget that he is John Tomac's son. In many ways, he rides his motorcycle like a mountain bike.
  14. ThumpNRed


    AND... he handled the equipment malfunction much better this time! His knickers flapping in the breeze didnt derail his race. What in the hell is the deal with his riding pants? Do they need to add "check rider's drawers" to his mechanic's pre-race checklist?
  15. ThumpNRed

    2018 MX Spring Creek Bench Racing - Round 8

    They gave Marv a pass on the post-race interview. Should have asked his thoughts on Eli going around him like he was standing still. Maybe in the post-race presser!