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  1. I used to use the ram mount for my gps. never had an issue falling off or moving.
  2. take the cheek pads out and see how the rest fits to your head. it should be snug but not tight without the cheek pads. "In a new helmet, the sides of your face should be tightly compressed, particularly around your cheeks. The pressure may feel awkward or slightly uncomfortable, but should not be painful. You should not be able to chew gum, and you may not be able to speak clearly." decent article about fitment https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/motorcycle-helmet-fitment-101
  3. I have helmets I tell you , the 2.3 is one of the nicest helmets I've held. I can't comment on longevity yet but I had $2k dollars worth of helmets sitting in my living room over the past few weeks, trying them on back to back to back and the Leatt 6.5 V19 and the Airoh appeared to be the nicest build and quality. Leatt being the best fabric feel. 6D ATR2 being third. All the helmets need to start using the magnetic pads and liners though. the 2.3 has them in the head liner but the cheek pads are snap in.
  4. I compared a few helmets to the fitment of the New Airoh 2.3 in this review
  5. Airoh 2.3 Review here is a review I just posted. I had a bunch of helmets sitting in my living room for a week and I'm still undecided. I may keep this and the leatt 6.5 v19. I have it in hand if you want to ask questions, better to reply to the video link as I don't have TT notifications on
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    best bike I've ever owned.
  7. STICKtime

    KTM 300 XC 2012

    best bike I've ever owned.
  8. any updates to your project? I'm about to pick up an old XR as a project bike and these restoration threads are inspiring
  9. Post approved by Ud_Luz Thanks to the mods for letting me post this-please PM me if you have any questions. On August 24 we had a racer die during our VCHSS race in Penhook, VA. Joe Lloyd was only 49, he was self employed, rode on a shoe-string budget and was one of those guys that always put the well being of others before himself. He had an enormous impact on our series and anyone who had ever met him. (more info on what happened - http://www.vchss.net/forum2014/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=23499 Joe had no life insurance and no financial contingencies left behind for his family (wife and son) and the bottom line is that they are in dire straits financially. They've had to sell their horses among other things just to try and keep their home. I started this fundraiser to try and cover the funeral cost and home refinancing costs and we are super close to raising the money they need. Please help his family by donating (no amount is too small) or simply leaving a positive comment letting his family know how big the dirt bike community is! http://www.gofundme.com/dlgo7s Thank you! Bryan Kelly
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