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  1. craigincali

    Back after 6 six years away and I have questions

    I am in Southren California so it mostly sand and soft stuff. Not too much rock. I will look into those tires, thanks for the advice !!!
  2. I have ridden for 20+ years but it has been 6 years since I have had an offroad bike. I picked up a 1999 YZ400F for dirt cheap recently and I have come to realize that I have been out of the loop so long I need help. This is my first Yamaha as I have always owen KTMs or Huskys prior to this. I am having a hard time finding quality skid plates, radiator guards, and frame savers for my bike. Any help would be appreciated. I have searched many site but I have come up with very little. The skid plate needs to be Alum, thick and high quality. Tires, tires, tires. I used to run Mich Deserts and Dunlop 9 something. Is it my imagination or is hard to find good 19" tires?? Thanks in advance, Craig
  3. craigincali

    Thinking about selling but....

    the bike comes from Husky street leagal. They register it at the dealer.... They even removed the smog equipment for me!
  4. craigincali

    Thinking about selling but....

    Sorry, guys I got called out of the state and had to go. I dont have internet access when traveling... Yes its plated.... it only has 569 miles on it. Thanks for the advice. I want to sell it for $1,000,000.00 for it but $6,500.00 may be more reasonable...
  5. craigincali

    Thinking about selling but....

    I will ignore 5th gears post and ask again...what are these 06's selling for used??? Oh, why did I say I have a TE450??? It is a TE510....
  6. I am thinking about getting rid of my 2006 TE450 and replacing it w/ a Honda ST1300 (I know it's not dirt bike....) It has less than 500 miles on it. It has been down a few times (I raced a BITD race w/ it and ate it twice!) Has some after market stuff on it, nothing major (Stiffer rear spring, EE hand guards, two sets of tires, stuff like that) What do you guys think I can get for it? I havent ridden it for a few months. I got a new job, getting older and my past injuries are catching up w/ me. I really dont see myself riding again..... I am not posting a "FOR SALE" ad, I just want to get an idea of what guys are selling their 2006's for...w/ very, very, very, low miles.
  7. craigincali

    Inquire: 07 vs 06 TEs vibration ?

    I dont hink there were any changes from 06 to 07. They should both vibrate like crazy....
  8. craigincali

    510 verses 525ktm any body ride both

    I have ridden the KTM EXC 450 and a 525 EXC and own a TE510. I like both KTM better than my 510. They )IMO) have better suspension, stronger bottom end and ride much better than my 510. The only thing they did not have was the Lic Plate, here in CA that was what made me go with the 510. I like my 510 but I am disappointed with it alittle.
  9. craigincali

    New under bar damper mount

    Did you get everything from Scotts, including the bolt on tower??
  10. craigincali

    How would YOU design a Skidplate????

    WTH Bob, I am still waiting to see what you have come up with.....update please...
  11. craigincali

    slipper clutch or rekluse

    slipper clutch hands down!~
  12. craigincali

    Rear Shock Removal, Any Advice?

    Have any of you guys tried loosening the shock, moving the swing arm all the way up under the fender and see if it will drop out that way?? Just curious....
  13. I have a 2006 TE510. I am gonna be removing my rear shock this weekend to get some suspension work done. I want to know if I can remove it from the bottom of the swingarm or do I have to remove the subframe and take it out the top?? Thanks in advance!
  14. craigincali

    How would YOU design a Skidplate????

    First off, I said it before and i will say it again, what is the big deal about loosing 4 bolts to remove the plate at every oil change?? I just dont get it.... I would rather have good side protection than anything else. The Uptite one is nice but IMO is weak to big hit on the wings. I think the holes are too close and cause it to bend easier than it should (this is based on other Huskys I have seen). I really like the CRD plate. I am planning on buying a CRD and drilling some stratigically placed holes in it myself to help w/ heat cooling and crud. Althought, if YOU promise to build a skid plate Bob I would prbably wait to see how it comes out because I know you are putting a lot of thought and have experiances w/ the short comming of other plates.....
  15. craigincali

    Complete seats?

    It is very easy to replace the foam. Remove the stapels, remove stock foam, replace w/ new foam, replace cover and staples. If you cant do the staples yourself then take it to an ulpostry shop and they can do it. I dont know anyone who sells complete seats.