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  1. kboy

    2001 vor 503 decompression cable

    Might be an ignition fault. Back in the day, the Swedish åmål stators was a common issue...
  2. kboy

    2017 yz250f

    I got a '16 and love it! Stock it felt like a great starting point for a great bike. only mods I did was little bit of changes suspension vise, and a HGS exhaust. Rear I changed for a softer spring 5,3kg/mm (5,5 is stock) and revalved just a little bit (added both comp and rebound damping) so I'm now able to run rebound adjuster at 16-21 clicks (19-21 hardpack). Forks have a little bit softer comp stack, 350cc oil and stiffer 0,49 kg/mm springs. Factory connection SX springseat in one fork leg. Fork Clickers: reb 9-10 comp 12 -15. These changes made it totally comfortable, plush, and still firm enough for my liking!!! :-) (My weight 79 kgs)
  3. kboy

    2001cr250r fork retrofit

    Last time I saw paioli blue steel forks, was on a TM 250 1998. :-). People hated that fork on the TM back then. How's your working?
  4. kboy

    Neck brace for small rider

    UFO makes a nice version
  5. kboy

    YZ250 Performance

    What's the swingarm/link change about? RAD valve? Boyesen?
  6. kboy

    What spring-rate is this?

    Allright, not stock then. But someone must know what rate the 2 marks indicate
  7. kboy

    What spring-rate is this?

    Sorry 450... = 48 KYB
  8. Opened up a set of '12 KXF stock forks, the bike's got a stiffer spring rear, so I guess about these ? ... 2 marks = what?
  9. kboy

    Engine bulletin on 2015?

    I Wont argue with that! :-). Sounds like theres something to be aware about. All I say is, mine had a kind of whining sound, I thought it was engine related, but appeared to be a minor thing... Please share info about this issue you've got :-D
  10. kboy

    Engine bulletin on 2015?

    My13 had a sound like that, after riding about 15 min going into corners I hear it... When I lock up the rear wheel (brake) if vanishes... SprayLubed the chain roller seals/ sprocket axle seal, sound gone.
  11. Tried out my very little modified fork yesterday. I added a 20-0,11 after the 3x26 face on the base. Nothing else, increased oil level to 260cc. (max is 265) . Genuine KYB fork oil and SKF seals. 32PSI (Comp. Clickers backed pretty far out by the way) . It works really really well for mx! Feels very smooth on bumps, still fine bottomresistance.
  12. Rider Weight in kg ? Lappenator . I have a shock setup that works good for me, 85kg MX mostly hard tracks. I can post later and I like your opinions on it ( well, for me its a great improvement over stock. Did try the 5,8 kg spring a couple times, loved to go back to stock 5,5. ! Too busy rear end with the 5,8..
  13. What's the inner dia of the basevalve shims in these forks?
  14. An idea on a good valving? I've already softened a bit and added rebound. But a take on a good valving could be interesting..