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  1. 5spoke

    I wish this horse WAS dead - 04 WR450 and YZ cams

    I've had the yz exhaust cam in my '04 for 4 years. Bike has always started first swing everytime (e-start) even after sitting for a month. In fact it seemed to start a lot easier. Never used the hot start ever. The bike rips with the yz cam. It's easy to mess up the timing when changing the cam.
  2. I need to find out if the 2007 WR rear fender with tail light will fit on a 2004 WR450? If it has to be modded, how much? Tried searching the forum, but can't find anything specific. Thanks
  3. 5spoke

    03 WR450 Jetting Q's

    Disconnect your TPS and your problems will be over. Trust me, I went through the same frustration. Once disconnected, follow the rest of the standard jetting advise and your bike will run smooth and strong. Sorry if I upset any of the pro tps dudes, but my '04 doesn't like it's TPS. Don't ask me why.
  4. 5spoke

    wr450 seat

    I can't take sitting on a brick anymore either. What's the most comfortable foam density soft/med/hard? Can you re-use the stock cover and get new foam from guts? What length staples do you use? Thanks
  5. 5spoke

    Oil on my exhaust???

    Yes, I found the info I needed in a search. Just want to know if any damage would of been caused?
  6. 5spoke

    Oil on my exhaust???

    OK, it's the decomp plug blown out I guess. The bike still has lot's of oil in it. Could anything else of got damaged in the engine? Also is there a quick temp. fix so I can ride tomorrow?
  7. 5spoke

    Oil on my exhaust???

    Oil is spewing out of the hole above where the exhaust header bolts onto the head. What's going on? It's making a stinky mess landing on the hot header and my right side radiator. It's a '04 wr450. Also never noticed before but hot gas is blowing out the hole as well? Any ideas?
  8. 5spoke

    Looking For Sick Dot Tires For Wr450

    A razor blade to remove NOT for road use!
  9. 5spoke

    Cut the cord

    Just about everyone with a WR does this mod? No, it doesn't mess up anything. Just do it and move on!! If for some reason you don't like it connect it back up. It's really no big deal.
  10. 5spoke

    Stainless Re-usable filters vs paper?

    Where are you getting them for $3.50?
  11. 5spoke

    Stainless Re-usable filters vs paper?

    My worry is what happens when you clean one of the ss filters (especially in a jar or with compressed air) and a metal shaving ends up on the return side (wrong side) of the filter and you don't see it and put the filter back in? As soon as oil is pumped through it, it will get pumped straight into your engine somwhere. That's the only reason I will not buy one of the filters.
  12. 5spoke

    Oil plug is leaking help!

    Instead of the M12 expensive metric kit, go for a 1/2" standard, should be cheaper.
  13. 5spoke

    synthetic oil

    red cap, no slippage or overheating, +100deg.
  14. 5spoke

    Radiator ?????

    Here you go. I found the close ups and edited this message to include them.