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  1. Maximous

    TC250 Tuning Options & Advise

    Now i'm not a bling mag pie but that site is pretty cool! Like the madnetic oil plugs. Finding out some intersting stuff from Husky Sport & SS Racing over here. Will post up stuff as i find it as i'm sure it'll be of interest to all of us. Thanks man!
  2. Maximous

    TC250 Tuning Options & Advise

    Well we don’t own one yet. We have only thrown down two laps on a borrowed 2010 TC250 and already got on with it. Lap time was not far off my current dialed in ride. Were arranging with Husky to take one for a day and test it back to back with our current crf250 to get more of an insight into the machine. Although it has good pace I did feel I could do with a little more Ooomph and an increased feeling to rev free. But what can two laps really tell you? The one I have my eye on is the 2011 TC250 with FI and an Akrapovic….sounds interesting! For those that might also be interested I did get in contact with an English team “Twisted 7” that tried to field these bikes in the Maxxis Birtish Championship but unfortunately folded; they did however point me in the direction of Stuart Johnstone from North Moor Engineering. Apparently NME have worked with the “Buff” team but I can’t get hold of them. http://www.nmedevelopments.co.uk/ I also contacted Pro Circuit. Apparently They are real interested in developing stuff for these but the most we’ll see in the interim is a pipe. The stuff I primarily want to explore is head development, basically cams + flowing. Also the possibility of big boring but I don’t really want to get into that as I like a rever and big boring is cheating in some championships! Check this for some husky porn (below)! How nice do these bikes look? Ignore the bickering and check the two bikes on the first page. http://forums.mxtrax.co.uk/showthread.php?t=278668
  3. Hi there guys my name is Max and i'm new to the husky brand. I’m an “A” group clubman motox racer from the UK and am really interested in the TC250 after having a little go on one. The only thing I could envisage modifying on the bike would be its power output and dynamic. Having done some research on the model and reading in between the lines it appears that it hasn’t taken off over here yet and consequently there are no aftermarket products or tuners interested in developing engines until things kick off sales wise. So my question is has anyone here modified theirs, anyone know of any tuners, known products that work, tricks or set up tips? I have had a little look through various threads but not really found much. Any help would be much appreciated Regards Max
  4. Maximous

    rebuilt motor - left intake moved 0.002"

    cool stuff, did the reseal of the boot when i fitted the loudmouth filter so should be good; i just thought it funny that only one moved and by (what i thought to be) quite a bit. Thanks for all your input guys it helps
  5. Maximous

    rebuilt motor - left intake moved 0.002"

    "good luck" hahaha i'll need it do you think that moving from 0.005 down to 0.003 is a big leap? Sorry first 4st rebuild
  6. sorry i meant right (if that makes any difference) is it anything to worry about. I've put around 3 hours on it since doing the whole top end, went to routinely check the clearences and the right intake has moved from .005 to .003. Eeek! Sorry i remember reading all this sort of stuff some time ago but can't find/search it
  7. Maximous

    DIY Port Polishing

    Arrrr I see. Done a lot of reading last night and this morning….Hmmmm…. Ron How much do you want for a lovely head job + how much would it be to get it over to me in England? Last time I bought something from the states I got ruined but the tax.
  8. Maximous

    DIY Port Polishing

    Ok just for arguments sake Doug doesn’t exist, would there be anything that I could do to improve things? Would have thought that just taking out the imperfections from the runners + changing the surface for a smooth yet tumble effective texture wouldn’t harm anything?
  9. Maximous

    DIY Port Polishing

    Hmm well this is more of a curiosity thing, I’ve always wanted to have a go, this time I will. I haven’t spoken to Doug (the marine engineer) a great deal about it yet, he’s very knowledgeable in all things performance engine (he builds blue printed race engines for some kind of aquatic racing) and it may be that he does the whole job with me just shadowing. I just got excited and though I’d post. It’s probably not the same thing but I successfully polished up my old yz125 intake ports with noticeable on track improvements, never RR’d it though. While we do not have a flow testing bench (at the moment) we can have a local shop that Doug uses to test what work we do. Surely you can take one's knowledge of tuning (porting) one type of engine and apply it to another?
  10. Maximous

    2010 crf250 valves

    The "FCR" carb and your right it does suck up dust, after seeing a post on here we rigged up a vacume to the engine side of the carb whilst offering up dust to the vents/overflows and sure enough it hoofed the dust right up
  11. Maximous

    DIY Port Polishing

    Going to have a go at polishing the ports in my spare 2008 head, anyone got any hints, tips or suggestions? I’ll be doing it under the supervision of a top notch engine builder in his workshop, he’s a marine engineer by trade and at the moment has no experience with these engines. Although he has already suggest that we clean up the ports surface giving it a parabolic intake with a smooth as can be exhaust. Max.
  12. Maximous

    Seat cover: Throttle Jockey vs OEM

    Yeah I was looking for the original seat cover and unless you buy the whole seat you don’t get the lettering, what the!? I got the TJ seat cover and have been really happy with it, used it for 40h of riding so far and it’s like new, would buy another one.
  13. Maximous

    To lap or not to lap?

    Hello sorry to hijack. So what if you cut the valves seats and the seal is still not adequate? My crf has been as good as gold to me and hasn't required any valve work and haven't got any expirence with coated valves, titanium or otherwise. I'm used to working with in s/s valves in VW sprint cars though and on a couple of occasions when i have had valve seats cut they still required lapping in so...???
  14. Maximous

    Valve I just bought check it out, is this right?

    Thanks bert but my question about returning valves was more aimed at motofix. Not so worried now what with everyone saying this is the norm but i would like to get an official take on this from a Honda representative or someone. Honda haven't gotten back to me as yet
  15. Maximous

    Valve I just bought check it out, is this right?

    So you took your valves back and the one's they replaced it with was perfectly uniform in it coating? Guys that have valves that look like this, which decided to installed them and run them, have you found any detriment to service life or anything? I'm kinda confused now, might email these images to someone at honda to find out the score.