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    Pics of your 06-09 yzf 450

    Heres my 08 at the track for the first time. I picked it up about 2 weeks ago. Low hours, but it was pretty dirty and in need of some TLC. I steam cleaned it and added new tires, chain/sprockets, air filter, and fork seals. I have plans on changing the front fender and shrouds to blue to match this... My 5 year olds new PW50. Here is he on it at the dealership. We suprised him with this on the way home from his heart surgery last weekend.
  2. bump530

    gastank thread studs spinning fix?

    Your gonna need to spin the bolt really fast with a drill to get the bolt/nut insert out. Once its out, you can seperate the bolt/nut and then epoxy the nut insert back in.
  3. bump530

    2008 yz450f new owner

    That is a clean bike. Yeah you definitly got a good deal. Im in the market for another 450. Bikes that clean seem to go more around the $3k range. I wish I woulda never sold my white 09.
  4. Looking good. Myabe I missed it, but what wheels did you go with?
  5. bump530

    2013 rmz450 build thread

    Bike is looking good. Im fixin to upgrade from the old 125 back to a 450.
  6. Here is a link to my build thread. I posted pictures of my brackets I made in there. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/890374-project-yz125/
  7. Thanks. I put alot of work into it.
  8. bump530

    Project YZ125

    12rafel...Im not sure I know what you mean by swouls... Well I finally got the new clutch in it. Im planning on riding tomorrow night if the weather holds up
  9. bump530

    Project YZ125

    I just picked up a 00 or 01 yz125 for $200. It doesn't run but supposedly it was rebuilt less than a tank of gas ago. The guy I got it from doesn't know much about the bike. It needs a little TLC and it's missing shrouds and side number plates. It has a fairly new front and rear fender off a 02+ and has a pro circuit exhaust. It needs the rear shock rebuilt or replaced among otherthings. I will be tearing it down to the frame and doing a rebuild with a budget in mind. What other year rear shocks will fit in case I decide to just replace it. This is my 3rd yz125 ( had a 00 then got an 03 when I was racing). And for those like me I will be taking alot of pics along the way. Here is what it looks like for now
  10. Here's my 01. Since this picture, Ive added the round fork guards, honda front brake setup, and 09 450 pegs.
  11. bump530

    Project YZ125

    Yeah Brian, I cant wait to get my kids riding. Im not far from buying my son (who is 4) a 50. He has been asking about it lately. im taking him to his first supercross next weekend at houston. My 2nd son will be here May 31st...so he still has a few more years lol. thebug....thanks. Rebuilding it was definitly fun. Id like to do another one at some point. I do have my first 4wheeler (1984 suzuki lt50) that me and my dad tore down to rebuild for my son, but we never finished. that may be the next build i do lol. Mingledbones....yup Im the same bump530. I use that screen name on every forum.
  12. bump530

    Project YZ125

    Yeah $1200 isnt too bad. I dont get to ride too often anymore, so its something cheap that I can ride when I have the time. Rides like a brand new bike tho.
  13. bump530

    Project YZ125

    Thanks. I think I have the majority, if not all, the receipts from the build. But I never did add it up. When I started riding the bike, I probably had $1200 or so in it, not including the bike. The only plastics I could run from the restyled kit is the shrouds. I dont think they would look right with the rest of the bike.
  14. bump530

    vin number of a 2001 yz125?

    That sounds about right.
  15. bump530

    Project YZ125

    Its stock renthal Honda handlebars actually (free lol).
  16. bump530

    Project YZ125

    Its a stock rear shock as far as I can tell.
  17. bump530

    1999 YZ 125 Transformation

    Looks good
  18. bump530

    Project YZ125

    I have no clue how many hours are on that packing. Im assuming its original to the silencer lol. Thats one of the few things I didnt mess with when I rebuilt the bike, kinda regretting that decision now. But oh well I guess, its done lol. Waiting on my clutch basket to get back from a buddy so I can fire it up and here the sound difference.
  19. bump530

    Project YZ125

    Thanks Brian, that what Im gonna do. Any one want to buy a brand new russell braided SS line or some good used front brake levers? lol The honda brakes are extremely spongy at the moment. The fluid is cooked in them tho. I started changing the fluid, but didnt have time to finish. Hopefully between new fluid, and the correct lever installed, they will be okay. Blown silencer packing anyone? lol Yea, this packing was in bad shape. It actually tore apart when i pulled the core out. The majority was stuck inside the can.
  20. bump530

    spray painting my swingarm and pipe

    I painted my swing arm with some "good" rattle can paint and then spray automotive clear over it. It has held up pretty good so far. I only painted mine because it comes painted and it looked like crap.
  21. bump530

    Project YZ125

    Well I picked up a braided stainless steel line made by Russel on ebay for cheap. Upon disassembling the stock set up, the fluid inside the MC was NASTY. It might just be original to 2001 lol. (Just a side note, the only items not replaced/rebuilt during my project was the front brake system, clutch, and exhaust packing; all of which is getting done now). The diaphram is also messed up. I originally borrowed another from a parts bike a buddy has, but then I found a smoking deal on a complete 06 crf250 brake system, well minus the rubber boot that covers the level pivot and the lever appears to be off a yamaha lol. The question is, do I run the entire crf brake system or put my new braided line on the crf mc and caliper? I also have pulled the clutch apart and the basket is pretty grooved. I was given a wiseco basket thats in alot better shape, so I will be installing that. I also put some 09 yz450f pegs on and some lightspeed fork guards. Heres a couple pics of the upgrades for now Fork guard before and after (dont mind the zipties and missing bolts in the after, that was mock up) Comparision of fork guards from the front Pegs before and after
  22. bump530

    2001 YZ 250 total rebuild.....

    I think it's def worth it. I picked up my 01 125 for $200 in bad shape. After restoring it I have a dependable and very fun bike to ride. I wish I could find a deal like yours on a 250 to build a twin.
  23. Thats awesome. Im suprised yall got away with it tho.
  24. bump530

    Exhaust putty for this? Plz help!

    Freezing a 2stroke pipe is not a preferred method from what I've read because of that very reason. Air and heat is. Or it's pretty cheap to send it off and have it repaired