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  1. plynn41

    my 2 smoke is really smoking!

    Could be the right side main seal letting crankcase oil into the cylinder. Drain the oil from the gearbox and start the bike on the stand in neutral. If the smoke clears up after a few seconds, that likely your problem. Obviously, don't ride the bike without oil in the gearbox--and don't let it run on the stand for more than a couple minutes. If it still smokes, then you've got another problem--maybe a blown head gasket. Changing the right side main seal is a moderately easy job for anyone with a little mechanical experience.
  2. This forum had been kinda boring for awhile until hondajunkie starting sharing his wisdom!
  3. plynn41

    Fly wheel wieght?

    No. It will have the same horsepower, the power delivery will just be changed.
  4. plynn41

    Cr125 1999 more low end free/cheap

    Roger that. The airboot change made the bike stronger everywhere.
  5. plynn41

    Cr125 1999 more low end free/cheap

    We tried a couple different versions of exhaust spacers with different pipes on our '00 CR125, and always liked stock best. But the biggest improvement we got was by replacing the exhaust manifold with one from the '02 CR125. Definitely could feel more oomph in the seat of the pants. Its worth the price of the part.
  6. plynn41

    RV is a bad champion

    I remember several years ago James actually seat bounced a double without a helmet during opening ceremonies.
  7. plynn41

    Older CR500 motor in a 2001 500 frame ?

    I put an '85 engine into an '88 chassis, which would present some of the same minor issues that you will face. The head stay may need the chassis bolt hole elongated because the cylinder deck is 5mm shorter on the older engine. The carburetor will press into the airboot tighter because the reed boss is 7mm longer on the older engine. Your biggest challenge will be getting a late model pipe to fit on the older engine that has the radiator hose going to the back of the cylinder head--but I hear that can be done with some kind of heat shield between the pipe and radiator hose. I didn't have that issue since the '88 chassis still used the old-style "up pipe".
  8. plynn41

    Idea's to De-tune or Tone Down CR85RB

    That's a tough one. I remember when my 9 year old son tried to ride trails with his YZ85--it just wasn't much fun. If you're serious about turning it into a trail bike, about the best thing you can do is have the bottom of the cylinder cut, and the appropriate corresponding machine work on the head. That will lower the power band (and the overall power output) into a more usable range. An FMF Fatty pipe will also help broaden the powerband. But there is only so much you can do to it--the bike is designed to shred. Really though, it sounds like you might reconsider trading the bike for a CRF150F. Your boy would probably love it also. I bet if you looked around, you might find a good one you could swap straight up for. Good luck!
  9. plynn41

    CR550 Liger project finally finished.

    Johnny, What year 250 stator are you running? I didn't know they could be mated to the 125 CDI.
  10. plynn41

    How did you get more power

    Oxygenated fuel and the appropriate jetting change is the cheapest power gains you can buy, and it's totally reversible.
  11. plynn41

    Can you buy new frames?

    But did you provide them with serial numbers in order to purchase your left side case? I didn't have any serial numbers to provide because mine was a custom built bike. If they sold the left side case to you without you providing any documentation, then Service Honda just lost me for a customer, and I have spent thousands there over the last few years.
  12. plynn41

    Can you buy new frames?

    You cannot buy a new Honda frame or left side case unless you provide the chassis and engine serial numbers of the parts you are replacing. I know this from recent experience trying to buy a new set of CR500 cases--Service Honda would sell me any part of the engine except the left side case, because I didn't have a set of serial numbers from a bike that they were to replace. (And after two weeks of trying, I gave up asking 500 owners to "lend" me their serial numbers so I could comply and get the pieces--ended up buying used cases). I had two lengthy conversations with Pooh from Service Honda, who told me this was due to Honda's security practices, which presumably keep a person from buying a new frame or left side case to change the identity of a stolen bike by getting new serial numbers. Makes sense to me for a $10,000 street bike, but seems stupid and overkill for 20 year old dirt bike parts.
  13. plynn41

    how to find out what yr cr500 motor i have

    The engine serial number should be on the left side case in front of the shifter shaft. This is the best way to identify the year engine. A couple of close up pictures can help identify it as an early or later model.
  14. Can any year digital ignition CR250R coil be used with a '97 ignition? I see in ServiceHonda's parts diagrams that most years have different parts numbers. I also know the '97 coils were prone to go bad (per Eric Gorr's book), and I've got a bad one that needs replacing. I've seen some Ebay coils advertised as working with all years, but would rather buy an OEM. Any ignition experts on here? Please educate me!
  15. plynn41

    CR500 Latest Incarnation

    We run a Bill's pipe on the boy's CR125--but this bike had a stock pipe on it last year. I've got a good, clean late model stock CR500 pipe and silencer for sale if anyone needs it.