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  1. carverdude

    Helmet Cam

    Vince, I have a www.helmetcamera.com setup and I am taking it to Colorado with me this week.It is a very nice and reasonably priced set up.Works very well.
  2. carverdude

    helmet camera

    Yes,I have one.It works excellent.Good value too.
  3. carverdude

    Kickstand problem

    I lost mine also.I do not know the size but it is a common metric thread.My new bolts came from the local hardware store.They are Loctited now!
  4. carverdude

    supermotard wheels

    Me too!!!I can machine spacers,ect in my shop if someone needs help.
  5. carverdude

    Colorado 500, Whos' going?

    I agree,how do you get invited? I have been in Colorado and ridden with the group although I wasn't "in" with them.Got to meet Malcom Smith.What a great guy!!!! When and where is it this year? I am going to Colorado on the 24th for two weeks.Planning to spend a week in Moab also.Taking my Trials bike too.
  6. carverdude


    I use 13/50 and like it a lot.Tight Ohio singletrack most of the time.Still tops out at 84 MPH on the road.Plenty fast for me!
  7. carverdude

    main jet inconsistancies!!! beware !!

    As I recall from my MC mechanic days they are flow rated.Number is based on the actual flow capability and not the hole size/profile.
  8. carverdude

    quick question

    I put a small dent in the bottom of the pipe to get the bolts out.No need to remove the pipe now.Used a propane torch and a small hammer. [This message has been edited by carverdude (edited 07-21-2001).]
  9. carverdude

    Exhust Baffle

    I have a Vortip in my 2000 WR.I think it works very well.Quiets the bike considerably and does not hurt the power.I raced a completely uncorked identical bike and neither bike could pull the other.
  10. carverdude

    WR426 vs. DRZ400E vs. KTM400EXC

    I have never ridden the Suzuki so I cannot offer a fair opinion on that. I have a '00WR and made it street legal in Ohio with a Baja Designs kit.If you buy a new one try very hard to get a normal(not dirt only) title when you purchase the bike.My dealer gave me a normal title and my experience was vey easy here in Ohio. I have NO problems starting my bike.Whether cold,hot or after being upside down it is easy to start. BUT YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE PROPER PROCEDURE.My buddy kicks his WR426 until his leg is wasted.But he is incapable of following directions.I can start his bike in no more than three kicks.
  11. carverdude

    SDG Seat on WR426

    Cut the grey wire before you mess with your jetting.It may save you a lot of grief. Check previous posts for the procedure on this.
  12. carverdude

    Geezers Riding Thumpers

    I'm 39 and have never taken time "off". Recently divorced and riding more than ever.Just started riding a Trials bike this summer also.It is something new with lots of new skills to learn. I am from the "WR" side of this forum but is is not about what you ride or where you ride but but all about having fun and staying young at heart. My Dad will turn 60 this year and I still cannot catch him..... [This message has been edited by carverdude (edited 07-08-2001).]
  13. carverdude

    street legal ohio

    Vince is absolutely correct about the "proper" way to do it. Here is another option. Install your Baja Designs kit. Look at the title you received from your dealer.If it is a regular title and does not say, "off road use only" then just take it to your title bureau and get your plates. It all depends on what type of title you received from your dealer.
  14. Chris, I don't know if it matters how they are connected but here are the instructions from the manual. The red wire goes to the terminal labeled"X" and the orange wire goes to the "L" terminal. I am in the process of installing my second Baja Designs kit.My friend did not trust his own workmanship. If you need a copy of the installation manual send me your snail mail address and I will copy mine and send it. [This message has been edited by carverdude (edited 07-06-2001).]