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    Flying, working on my car, riding my KDX, snowboarding
  1. Slick_Nick

    Storing Car Keys While Riding

    I have a newer F-150 and leave the keys locked inside the vehicle. I use the keypad on the door to lock/unlock from there, not sure if this is an option for you? But it ensures I'll never lose my keys.
  2. Slick_Nick

    Forks Still Harsh

    The springs are correct for my weight. Even still coming off something as small as a 4' to flat drop, I will bottom them out. With the stock springs it was so much worse. I'll maybe look at putting gold valves in?
  3. Slick_Nick

    Forks Still Harsh

    Correct. Used the spacers included with the Factory Connection springs.
  4. Slick_Nick

    Alberta Riders

    Calgary here. Heading up to Hunter Valley on Thursday the 7th.
  5. Slick_Nick

    03 kx125 with kx250f plastics

  6. Slick_Nick

    Forks Still Harsh

    My mistake, they are 0.46's not 0.48's. the stock ones are stupid soft, for a 140lb rider. 0.32's or something. I'm not opposed to modifying my shim stack for more rebound if need be.
  7. Slick_Nick

    03 kx125 with kx250f plastics

    You can but it looks stupid. The shrouds have a big cutout for the aluminum frame rails on the 250F, and the steel frame of the KX looks very out of place sitting kind of in them.
  8. In my experience, generally speaking a FI bike can sometimes be easier to start when hot. Yes, you have the added benefit of a computer figuring out your fuel and timing for you, but that's about all the edge you've got. A properly jetted carb'd bike should still fire right up after being dumped. Spend some time with your bike getting it jetted right. Then, take it out for a rip, and while its hot, kill it and let it sit on its side for a bit. Now, try firing it up. See what works. Does it like the throttle cracked slightly, or closed. Do you use your hot start, or throttle, or both? Experiment until you find out what works, and use that. I come from the 2T world, so I'm a little spoiled in the sense that even after being upside down, it seems I can always get it fired up first kick, hot or cold.
  9. Slick_Nick

    Forks Still Harsh

    Running KLX 300 forks on my KDX. They were a huge improvement over the stock ones. I want to make it clear here that I am not looking for mx forks on this bike. I have a spare set of KX 125 forks that I MAY swap on if I have no other options, but for what I ride they would require a full re-spring and re-valve, and I'd need to do some custom axle work. For how much I ride the KDX (I ride my KX125 WAY more on the track) It doesn't make sense for me to go all out on the off-road bike. Now, I did the fork swap, and they were very plush. I'm a B/C rider, 180lbs. Resprung the KLX forks this year with .48kg/mm springs from RaceTech which were what was recommended for my weight. I seemed to have solved one problem, and created another. I re-did the seals, new oil (5wt) and set to the factory level. I've rebuilt lots of forks before. The springs made for a huge improvement in the slow/big stuff, but over the faster small and sharp bumps, the forks are now worse. I've played around with the clickers (compression only on these forks) and can't seem to get them any better. I'm even religious about bleeding them once they heat up. TL;DR: Resprung forks for my weight. Now much better on large "soft" hits, but harsh on sharp / fast / repetitive stuff. Is a revalve required? Modify the shim stack? Any suggestions you guys could provide are greatly appreciated!
  10. Slick_Nick

    '99 KDX200 Troubles Starting after rebuild

    I vote for a loss of compression somewhere.
  11. Slick_Nick

    Picture of your motor on crack!

    Possibly not warmed up properly? Cracked the piston and took out the rest.
  12. Sorry guys, the '98 still hasn't been started. It'll be done before may though!
  13. Slick_Nick

    found this mess on my drain plug

    Looks like whats left of a bearing... I'd tear it apart and investigate.
  14. Slick_Nick

    Talk about police brutality

    I don't get it... You're white!