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    jimmy button highs

    Jimmy buttons high are a great improvement over stock, but felt last week when driving standing on the pegs I could just use 0.5-1" additional height. What would be the best way of getting there? Turning the standard clamps, buying another set and putting longer bolts in sounds great. Shortening the bars might be a good options as they are quite wide, but for the moment I need the extra space for ralley controls. Once I replaced the standard headlight-etc-switch with a single kill switch I have more.
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    After a nasty frontal-left side crash with another bike I had to replace the left radiator and paid something similar to what you quoted. Are the Thumper/Flatland radiator guards still the best pick? At USD 75 flat price plus shipping and tax I probably get them in-house here in Europe for half of the replacement cost of one radiator. So if I manage to wreck one more in the lifetime of the bike, it is a good investment. Tough choice.. What about cooling with these guards? It is decreasing much or no noticable difference?
  3. Still 29. Meaning, at least 5 years extra compared to the majority of you to break some serious bones.