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  1. LocoP

    06-08 bottom end interchangable?

    The 08 has some changes but will fit. The big thing is the 08 has a sensor on the shift drum so if knows what gear it is in. Should not matter it you are using all the 06 electric. Other than that is is about the same. The head is different in the valves and the ports. but will all work.
  2. LocoP

    problem with NueTech tubeliss

    I hate to say it but cheep tires are just that cheep. Run a good tire like Michelin or Dunlop and when the knobs do pull off they dont rip down to the core. Slime has become my friend. In a race I don't always go around the cactus or mesquite bushes. At speed I have not noticed any side affects. As said before wash it off with a hose and keep going. We just had a really bad race for tires, tubes, and rims. Allmost every rider running tne tubeliss system finished despit major rim damage. All the tubeliss setups heldup great and most still had air. A tube would have pinched and bin flat. The rims were trash but hell they still had air. Im sold.
  3. LocoP

    Ceramic bearings?

    Thanks guys. I was thinking about doing it but I think I can find a better way to get more power out of my bike for less. Its not like I need more. But in time I know I will want it.
  4. LocoP

    Ceramic bearings?

    I saw a company called MadManEngineering. They clame to have the bearings. I was thinking of pricing them. I just didn't know if it was someting to really think about. I don't see myself being able to buy another bike fore a very long time so I want to do things right. I will check it out some more tomorow when I get a chance. IfI find anything good I will post back. But I still am a little lost as if its worth it?
  5. LocoP

    Ceramic bearings?

    Good? Bad? I am looking for some info on them. I am am planing on rebuilding my bottom end and was thinking about using them for the crank main bearings. I know they work better. Run cooler and smoother. Will they last longer in this application or last as long as OEM? Is the cost worth it?
  6. LocoP

    ? Cometic Topend Gasket set

    I have used them. I think the O-ring is for the water outlet. I started using OEM. The cometic head gasket was a giving away that I did motor work. I don't like people to know when I build up my stuff.
  7. LocoP

    05 crf 450 okay to ride??

    When it stops running or starting easy than do the top end. But I would go have fun. If you are doing to do a top end you might as well get your use out of it. Do it after.
  8. LocoP

    how have you removed the water seal....

    I always had luck with a small screwdriver. Use a cheep one thats not hardened and put a 90 degree bend on it. You can carefully get that behind the lip and pull it out.
  9. LocoP

    Goodbye 450R

    Sweat ride. In time you will be back. But a change is good. I left Honda for 3 years to ride KTM. They were nice but not a Honda. I hope you enjoy your ride.
  10. LocoP

    lapping intake valves

    Make sure to check the valve guides. If they are worn out they will let the valve flop around. They will pass a seal test because the valves will be pulled tight to the seat but when running the valves will not land square to the seat. That will cause them to cup or wear out fast.
  11. LocoP

    I'm Back FINALLY

    I finally got off KTM and back on a Honda. It has been 3 long years of set backs. Last Honda I had was the 06 CRF450r. Please bring me up to date on any changes. I know the front brake was reworked, and the head was changed to different valves. Don't remember all that was done on the head. I'm lost and need to some help getting back up to speed. Thanks.
  12. LocoP

    How much for my forks and shock?

    If you can find a good suspension tuner You will be amazed at what the stock stuff can do with minor work. But finding one to work there magic on a ktm is tough. Just a thought. Oh you can prob get $500 for the forks and $400 for the shock if you don't mind sitting on them. I would buy them if I had the money.
  13. LocoP

    Where to get 250sx to 300 kit?

    Its a little more than a piston and head. You will need to change the clyinder along with all the valving in it. I think Munnracing(.com) had a kit or they know what you will need to do it. Give them a call.
  14. LocoP

    I need a good KTM parts source

    Munnracing or KTMhutt.
  15. Bad idea. Very bad idea. The oil in the fuel will make deposits on the valves. Like if you tad a leaking valve seal. The deposits will make the valve run hotter. Bad thing. If you wasn to make the valves like longer use a led additve. I know the KTM dealers have it. I think it is Motor X. Iv had great results with it.