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  1. NP4M

    He's Back

    For those of us that play Fantasy MX, he is a surprisingly viable option in this year's depleted field.
  2. NP4M

    Stopwatch Nationals

    MX/Nationals prep, most of them are at the same track together (Glen Helen for example), but they are racing the stopwatches, not each other.
  3. NP4M

    I met a pro rider, dude was cool! Tell me your story

    Met him out at Elsinore. Very nice, down to earth, more than happy to chat with the 4 of us.
  4. NP4M

    RC in The Player's Tribune

    Not sure if you are familiar with The Player's Tribune, but I just saw this article by Carmichael. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/ricky-carmichael-dont-panic/
  5. NP4M

    Idaho Endurocross RD 6

    None of us have done chemo on a Tuesday and raced on Saturday like he did in Vegas this August. We all are just thrilled he is out there racing still. Not nearly as regularly as before. Seems like it is mostly to test/demo the Alta at occasional rounds.
  6. NP4M

    Idaho Endurocross RD 6

    In the Vet class? No, he should absolutely be out there doing his thing. If the others don't like it, tough. He is raising the bar for the entire class. Kurt Nichol used to run circles around the class before Destry.
  7. NP4M

    Why KTM hasn't entered the Trials Market?

    Actually, he did. He and Webb have been banging bars for years, starting on the bikes with no seats.
  8. NP4M

    ISDE World Trophy Team Out

    Man, my bad. I knew they cut the teams back but didn't know they threw out the drop.
  9. NP4M

    ISDE World Trophy Team Out

    I wouldn't consider them out yet, but they have a huge uphill task. For the next 5 days, all 3 have to have perfect specials and no mechanical issues. Given the track record of the remaining 3, maybe....just maybe they can do it. Can you think of any other 3 you would want in this position?
  10. Is Ty heading out? That is sure a bucket list race for me, Craig offered to even take my bike this year. Maybe next year....provided I even ride again. See ya in Vegas.
  11. NP4M

    Ryan Dungey

    Crosby has to keep playing to continue proving a chick can play in the NHL. It would be a loss for women's rights if he quit.
  12. There was more than just that corner. Let's say ZO doesn't make contact and make it a clean pass instead. Savatgy gets fired up and it is a drag race to the last turn exiting that corner. Who has the inside line on the right hander to the checkers? Savatgy. He takes out ZO, just because ZO left the window open.
  13. NP4M

    Chumming the waters: Who's faster?

    Zach Bell got 4th. I wonder if he will run the whole series or just until his phone rings with an offer to lawn dart himself in SX again. Caselli started in the desert.
  14. NP4M

    Chumming the waters: Who's faster?

    Keep an eye on the Adelanto GP this afternoon in the Pro race. Zach Bell is racing with OX Motorsports in the Pro race. The payout there is better than back of the pack in SX. It will be interesting to see how he can hold up for almost two hours. Very fast course. **I know it isn't GNCC. I know he isn't a "top" rider. I know they make more money off endorsements than they do from the purse at SX. This is the closest thing we have that is relevant to the topic for right now.
  15. The guys you listed (Haaker, Webb, Taddy) are among the few that may have a choice. They will test both, then it is their input (primarily) vs. what the manufacturers (secondary) want them to ride. Outside of those under the factory rigs, which is a tremendously small number, it is whatever support the rider can get. As far as the differences of the two, what Taddy said is pretty spot on. While I am not near the class of the top guys (generally I am at the back of the Vet class for a couple rounds a year, with double their lap times), I tend to bounce between the two bikes. I have a 250 two stroke and 4 stroke. I am faster (relatively speaking) on the 2 stroke, but it is a lot more of a handful to ride and I feel out of control. The 4 stroke is smoother on and off and seems to be more controllable with the power delivery, but watching videos of me riding it, I appear to be standing still.