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  1. SealDEC

    KTM Signs Ryan Dungey

    Roczen and Dungey on KTM team was definitely what I had hoped for and I'm quite happy. Regardless I belive Dungey has his head on straight unlike a lot of other racers. Main point being (although it may seem small) his little comment that KTM is dedicated to EARN championships. Kinda shows he expects to work hard for his results and not be handed them just because hes a top level racer.
  2. SealDEC

    4t to 2t

    have an 08 250sxf and an 11 150sx . Rode the bikes back to back the first day I got the 150...250sxf has been sitting in the garage ever since. I do mostly MX with some trail riding maybe once a month. Not a single regret.
  3. SealDEC

    JS7 Rumors true; new bike!

    I doubt he would win...but i would give him credit for at least racing, trying, and trying to put the fun back in it for him. I honestly really dont like him but I could respect the effort if he actually went through races with a 2st. I do believe this was just to play with the media and the mx community though, as much as id love to see him give it a shot i highly doubt this will happen.
  4. SealDEC

    JS7 Rumors true; new bike!

    he would easily shift into my top 3 450 class riders if he rode a 2smoke.
  5. SealDEC

    2012 150sx

    Mine has been saying end of september.
  6. 2011 150sx just picked her up used a few weeks ago. 2008 250sxf I've had for 2 seasons. Hands down prefer the 150
  7. SealDEC

    sx250/150 honda stearing dampener

    ktmcyclehutt sells a bracket that allows you to mount it up to the KTMs. I think its about 130.
  8. SealDEC

    Washougal Results - spoiler

    But wait...that cant be...JS7 wasnt in that race and he cant be the devine trinity AND the fastest man (men?) on the planet can he?
  9. SealDEC

    Dorm Bike Storage

    i 100% do not agree with selling the bike and just focusing on college. If I didnt have something to enjoy on my down time through college I would have burnt myself out and failed or quit. You can have a healthy blance, just because he has a bike in his dorm doesnt mean hes going to do bad. I really dont think that will last long though, my college didnt even trust us with hot plates or bicycles in our dorms. Try it, if it works great, if not be ready to rent a storage unit or keep it at a buddies house.
  10. try just having your son ride and you watch or "coach" him...if they call the cops again punch the guy in the face. If you feel the need to call the cops to stop a little kids fun then they deserve it. Im sick of hearing this bull*hit from neighbors, whos to tell you what you can and cannot do on YOUR property? Its with bikes that make no more than a humming sound and at reasonable hours...
  11. SealDEC

    I'd have to say that Dungey....

    ^ he also had the mechanical failure at daytona...still possible but with the talent that was in SX this year its hard to recover from 2 DNFs for reasons out of your control. besides that point... Whats been on my mind lately is that since Dungey has proven he can hang with the top riders...and Short was hanging with Dungey all through outdoors in 2010, was Dungey putting out only enough to stay ahead of Short...or is the 350 holding Short back THAT much. Im definitly loyal to KTM, not 100% sold on the 350 but dont think it shouldnt be tested in pro ama but this still makes you wonder how he would be doing if he was on his Honda.
  12. SealDEC

    ktm guys this vid ill make you cry!

    I didnt know those knobs on the top of my forks adjusted my brakes....shit...
  13. The FI on the KTM 350f and 250f are giving them some problems but clearly that isnt on the 2 strokes. also most parts for KTM are not expensive like you hear and I have yet to go into my dealer and have them not stock the part I need. If you take care of your KTM it will not let you down and like many others youll probably put many hours over any other brand before needing to do engine work. The "horror stories" you probably hear about are from the earlier 144sx's where bad CDIs caused them to blow top ends very early which were corrected with a new CDI once figured out. The current 250f and 350f like i stated above seem to have issues with their fuel injection most times pointing at dirty fuel as the issue, but this isnt applicable to the 250sx as the carbed 450 is currently still running like a champ. Resale value will definitly be better with the KTM as they tend to hold their value a bit better and being a 2 stroke will help that even more. The power on the 250sx should be plenty for any rider, and the power valve is adjustable by springs allowing you to make the power come on in a way/time that best suits your riding style/needs. Only thing I do have to say about KTM is that you should definitly ride one before you buy one. They have different ergos/feel to them and not everyone feels comfortable riding one. However for me this is another reason why i will stick to KTMs.
  14. SealDEC

    KTM 250sxf having some issues

    did you check the valve clearances?
  15. SealDEC

    maintenance on a 250f

    ive had 3 250f race bikes overheat and act up on me for trail riding. they need air to cool them (who knew) and trail riding wasnt enough speed for them to cool. Id agree in look at the older XRs or CRF trail bikes but id really look at a 2 stroke. KDX would be at the top of my list if i didnt go for a KTM specific one...or a 250 2st.