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  1. chopper61

    2000 CR125 Cr250swap

    Not an easy swap , the frame cradle of the 125 does not have enough clearance for the 250 engine. You would need to fabricate a new cradle and engine mounts to do this swap.
  2. chopper61

    Will 250R dual exhaust fit my 250X

    If may be cheaper but you'd be lacking the e start of the X , unless you were to buy a 18-19 R model at which it would be cheaper to modify the X.
  3. chopper61

    Will 250R dual exhaust fit my 250X

    This has been covered in this forum many times but we'll cover it once again. I have performed 3 of these conversions and can advise you that it will gain you only in bling factor. To do this properly you will need a subframe from a 06-09 CRF250R as well as every component that bolts onto that subframe. The next problem needing to be solved is a location and mounts for the battery. The 06-09R subframe bolts onto the 250X frame with no modifications and by using all the 06-09R adjoining components additional modifications are eliminated, this is necessary due to none of the 250X components bolting directly to the 06-09R subframe.
  4. chopper61

    What gas tank fits my 2003 Honda CR 250??

    Neither of those tanks will fit correctly, only direct fit would be 02-07 CR125/250.
  5. chopper61

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Thank you, this is very useful info.
  6. chopper61

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    I've never been to this ride although I've been to nearly any DS event you could name, what's it comparable to? Terrain type , percentage of road to trail , difficulty , etc.
  7. chopper61

    Left foot peg bracket

    Yes, you can swap to the R model left bracket with no modification.
  8. chopper61

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    KDX 200's have been getting expensive as of late considering their age and what they sold for when new. You might try a KLX140 as they now offer a model with 21/18 wheel sizes.
  9. chopper61

    Anyone have black radiator louvers on their X??

    The right side 08R may work but no luck on the left side as the 450X left radiator is much longer than the R model.
  10. chopper61

    Need my 2015 to start faster on the line.

    Try it, you'll like it!
  11. chopper61

    Need my 2015 to start faster on the line.

    Try kicking and pushing the e start at the same time, this usually results in a quick start.
  12. chopper61

    Crf250x motor swap

    The motor will be a direct swap and as stated above you'll need the 250X or 04-05 R exhaust and a clutch cable for the X as the routing is different than the R. The only other differences you'll encounter will be the lack of mounts for the rectifier and kickstand , both simple issues to solve. The top mounting hole for the gas tank is located wrong on the R frame if you intend to use the X tank , several options exist to solve this problem.
  13. chopper61

    2005 CRF450X Clutch Adjustor Problem

    Not dumb at all! You have worked with threaded fasteners for so long that it's hard to force yourself to turn the wrong direction. Had you given it to your wife or children they may well have assembled it at first try due to unfamiliarity.
  14. chopper61

    2005 CRF450X Clutch Adjustor Problem

    Not quite so simple , the threads are left therefore a tap may not be readily available. To the OP, are you trying to spin the adjuster in the correct direction (left)?
  15. chopper61

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Saturday was the enduro route from the last few years, very good conditions and fun trail. Sunday was very challenging tight ST that I haven't ridden in many years, most was fun for those who like technical tight trail, but there was some two track and an excellent grass track thrown in the mix. Trials were greasy in many spots but got very slick once the rain came in.