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    WORX GLOVES Worx Performance Gloves

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    WORX PERFORMANCE GLOVES Now has a complete line of the Best disposable work gloves in the Power sports industry. Our Gloves have been tested and used by all AMA professional race teams for several Years. Our Gloves range in thickness from 5mil-14mil for maximum protection from harsh solvents and chemical found in the professional workplace. http://www.worxgloves.com/default.asp
  2. King Louie

    San Felipe - Man those bikes are STUPID FAST

    WOW What a Rough morning, Everything started out great. Our new 400x rider of record Jeff Kaplan put us out front early in the race. and delivered the bike to me at RM 18. I jumped on and pounded my way up to Honda 1 at RM 30, as usual the awesome JCR team did a quick splash and go and off I went. I hit the corner and found my line I figured the rough stuff was over for a while. As I grabbed 5th I realized this would be a horrible speed to get off so I cracked her down a little bit when I suddenly found the rock with my name on it. The last thing I remembered was that me and Big Red were traveling through the air in different directions then the lights went out. I woke up to the sound of the SCORE chopper landing and I realized I wasent watching an old episode of MASH. Paul asked me if I was OK and I remember telling him that my toes and fingers were numb and my Back was killing me .I admit I was really scared. They loaded me in the Bird, plugged me in to the happy drip then in a plane and then into the ambo then off the the Hospital. After 30 hours of tests they only found some minor fractures and a lot of swelling and bruises, and a serious concussion, all I can say is that somebody was watching over me and i'm one lucky MF. I woke up that night and saw Jen Morton in my room what a sweetheart. I snuck out of my room sunday afternoon to see Joey who was just a couple of rooms away from me. my nurse caught me in the hall with my IV unplugged and got really pissed off. They finally cut me loose Sunday evening and my Great friend Rick Miller who never left me drove me home. I want to sincerely thank everybody for their thoughts and especially Paul Fish and the SCORE medical team, they got me out of there immeadiatly. I think it's a wrap for me in San Felipe, this race has kicked my ass to many times, Next year Im drinking Beers and spectating. Louie Franco 400x
  3. King Louie

    Flyin Ryan Armitage - RIP

    We will dedicate our next ride to Flying Ryan... He was a really cool dude God Bless. Louie Franco & Teammates
  4. On Behalf of my entire 402 team, RJ, Brett, Jeff and myself wish Brian a speedy recovery. You guys were charging hard and gave us a race all the way to the end. We were having a blast racing with you guys. I also found a couple of those rocks and nearly ended our day at RM 10 with a big flip and another at RM 165. The course was Dangerous! We are looking forward to a great season racing with you guys. Get healthy soon brother! Louie Franco
  5. King Louie

    Racers Alliance - Score Petition

    All of the pre penalty class winners will win again...