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    Motocross and Enduro racer, frequent rider or RAC, AOAA, an PB-NJ.. Off-Road R/C race when it's to cold to ride! Also do a bunch With building and racing Drag Cars...Instagram DCLSXfactory

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  1. yoshgixxer

    Best looking Husky 2 stroke. Pics anyone?

    You can adjust the reach on the lever some with a Allen cap had screw in the lever. Just don’t go over board on bringing it to close to the bar because you will run out of travel and it will be hard to find neautral because the clutch won’t fully disengauge. I think I have like a 1/16” gap between the screw head and lock nut on my lever. Tiny little adjustments made a big difference
  2. yoshgixxer

    Webb wins Revlimiter on new TPI

    Whaaaat a night mare. They didn’t have enough assist help ready for that one at all lol
  3. yoshgixxer

    Best looking Husky 2 stroke. Pics anyone?

    Yea they have a lever for Magura 2 clutch masters. It’s the brake side they don’t have yet. And it’s wicked easy to pull once you get it set up right which is a little bit of a pain. Just slip the Allen key in your bar pad for the first few rides so you can tweak it on the trail
  4. yoshgixxer

    Numb Hands?

    I had this issue and did talk my doc into giving me the carpul tunnel surgery. I can say it might of helped some but not as much as I hoped. Funny thing is I switch from a 2013 KTM300 two stroke that vibrates like hell to a Thumper and it was noticeably better. Switched back to a 2018 300 this year with the new counter balanced motor and it’s even smoother then My previous 4 stroke and I nearly have zero tingly fingers. So it appears my issue was directly related to being sensitive to vibrations. For the record I am 35 and don’t have a desk job and never really used a computer.
  5. yoshgixxer

    making a tx 300 streetlegal?

    All the head and tail light wires are there. Enduro engineering makes a complete bolt on plug and play kit that uses a stock rear fender and tail light assembly with a factory head light. It’s like $250 bucks or so, and comes with on/off switch. if you want a brake light you will need to buy there pressure switch.
  6. yoshgixxer

    Enough Swiss cheese on my Air Box??

    So wait you said I went over board... and you post a pic of MXA who wacked the entire panel out I put holes in and then drilled a bunch of holes in the $300 carbon sub frame?
  7. yoshgixxer

    used 17 TX300 vs new 2018

    I have a 18, only bought a 18 cuz I couldn’t find any used 17’s. If your getting all the extra goodies and saving 2k then I’d grab the 17. Look at the carb and see if it has a 38 cast on the side. They made a 38mm HV Carb specifically for these new gen motors. The smaller lectrons didn’t work well on the 300. And there’s not anything to tuning the carb. If it’s rich or lean at idle you just turn the metering rod (think carb needle) and then you just turn the power jet screw if it needs more or less fuel. I run a 38HV and it took very little tinkering to make the bike run Tits. lol if you hate it sell it for $300 and buy a JD kit and pipe.
  8. yoshgixxer

    Factory expansion chamber

    Well my buddy has the power core on his bike (17 TC250) with the fatty and I’m not sure it’s a whole lot louder Then a stocker when I’m following him in the woods, it defiantly has a different sound then stock though. More barky it might be a little louder when screaming at 10k rpm but just regular woods riding i wouldn’t worry about much noise
  9. yoshgixxer

    Enough Swiss cheese on my Air Box??

    You own a 17/18 husky? There’s a number plate side panel that snaps on top of that covers these holes, maybe a 1/8”-1/4 gap between holes and gaurd. It’s not like these are exposed ram air holes. I seen some other people who cut there stuff up wayyyy more then I did. I was thinking mine might not be enough by looking at other people’s. Hell if the magazines and big name parts manufactures say cut up the box there must be more to it. I’m not sure your rule of thumb is accurate for all air box designs. There’s not much volume in these new air boxes.
  10. The cycra graphics always peel off the damn flags, I never had a set stick unless you peel em off from new, clean and re apply them with heat. But what you can use is 3M adhesion promotor wipes or spray. Stuff is amazing. You prep the plastic with promotor and I can promise what ever you stick to it weather it be decals or 2 sided tape isn’t coming off.
  11. Problem is KTM/husky EFI 300’s Arnt available In the United States this year. Only EFI 250’s. For some reason we did not get the EFI 300. I already bought a 2018 TX300 but it’s carburated. I’d really like to get the EFI. North America wasn’t supposed to get them either but I already seen somehow canada got some.
  12. Sounds like the USA lol all the bum ass bitches get everything for free and the working get taxed out there ass lol good call on the “used” bike deal. They can take it for a burn around the lot lol if the dealer gives me a bill of sale I can send all that to South Dakota and get a title and plate I’ll just have to pay tax to South Dakota on my “used” bike
  13. yoshgixxer

    Enough Swiss cheese on my Air Box??

    None of it is a the subframe, it’s the plastic gaurd that snaps onto the subframe
  14. Awesome well all your info has been super helpful! I’ll start calling those dealers Tuesday and pickin there brains to see what kinda hoops I’ll need to jump through
  15. Just curious if you guys think this is enough ventilation on my husky air box? I didn’t want to butcher it a whole lot but didn’t know if it would need more then what I did here. Seen some plastic around the ECU I could cut out but wasn’t sure it was necessary. Tried to keep it OEM looking as I could