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  1. O_Davey

    !!!Got a Problem!!!

    ok so i have owned my bike for 3 yrs its a 2007 drz 400sm with 23,000 km. its jetted with the 3x3 exhaust blah blah now to the problem only just all of a sudden when i start my bike it idles and as soon and u got to hit the trottle 7 times out of 10 it falls on its face and dies. So i took the carb apart and looked and the idle and main jets and there perfect the holes are all clean, and same as the carb. not ssure what else could be wrong thats why im turning to here??? any pointer will help?????
  2. O_Davey

    Front Shock Leaking

    ok so one of my shocks are leaking preatty bad so i called my local shop and asked them if they will reseal them up. new seals dust seals then toppin up with new fluid. K my question to u guys is? Should i be doing anything else while there in there doing anything? Like maybe stiffer springs? what oil weight should i go with? and anything else? I weight 200lbs preatty agressive rider on road/off road. ride 70% on road but sometimes do alittle trail riding and sand pits. Ur help would be mostly appreated..
  3. O_Davey

    metzler tires on sm wheels

    So u ran these tires on the 17" sm wheels I like to run in the pits and the distanzies just dont do it for me
  4. O_Davey

    metzler tires on sm wheels

    i seen for on/off road tires they only got 140 for the smallest tire size but this would be to wide to fit on my sm wheels up front wouldnt it or not i wanna get a good set of 50/50 tires i already got distanzies but want something more aggressive any suggestions????
  5. O_Davey

    HEADLIGHT ProblemS

    ok so at the headlight theres 3 wires that go to the head light should one of them have power cause i looked with a test light and i got nothing there and the wires run to the switch then back to the batterey right
  6. O_Davey

    HEADLIGHT ProblemS

    Ok so i noticed my head light quit working the other day so tonight i go to install a new one and nothing. i looked at the fuse above the battery it was fine and suggestions i just put in a new piaa bulb its been in for about 3 months
  7. O_Davey

    To Impact or Not

    So this coming weekend ill be doing a chain/sprokets change. So i got both wheels off cause i got them striped, and put the rear sproket on. Now when it comes to doing the front sproket i see theres a lockin wasker behind that but what the best way to use an impact on it. Like do i need to put the wheels back on it and put it on the ground and then use the impact??? I heard somewhere a while back that if u put it in gear and use the impact then it can cause u problems. So whats the best way to go about this??????? P.S Will post pics asap
  8. O_Davey

    RedBull Jersey

    Hi does anyone know if or were u can get a Redbull jersey?????
  9. O_Davey

    different types of levers....

    here's a pair of Zeta's there totally rankkkk
  10. O_Davey

    Brake Bleeding

    k thanks guys
  11. O_Davey

    Brake Bleeding

    k sounds good thanks for all the help guys hellz yeah were sleddin way to much snow up here in saskatchewan canada and were the hell do u get a vacuum pump from ???? and what are the worth
  12. O_Davey

    Brake Bleeding

    ok but havent taken the top off the resivoir yet but the lever doesnt get hard when u pump it so maybe theres no fluid in the resivoire my bike is parked for the winter so wont be doing anything to it till spring comes
  13. O_Davey

    Brake Bleeding

    OK so today i unhooked my front brake line to reroute the line and then out it back in. I unhooked it at the brake lever and now the front brake doesnt work and the lever pulls back and fort so do i have to bleed the front brake now and if so how do i do this????
  14. O_Davey

    Tag bars

    So today went down and ordered a new set of bars went with the t2 double hi cr was woundering if anyone has any pics of these bars on the drz
  15. O_Davey


    No im only 5"11 just want a higher pair