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  1. I have never understood why dirtbike riders use an auto clutch !? I know it is sooooo hard to shift manually lol Seems to me if u r using an auto clutch u have ZERO skills and shudnt be on a bike ... maybe a QUAD instead !!! lol I just read another post of someone using autoclutch on a 2T 250 !?!?!?? Wow Riding dirtbikes is supposed to be challenging ... if u have auto clutch and ride a 4 stroke u may as well be sitting on the couch !!!! What fun is that ?? People are CRAZY !!
  2. luckycr125

    Ultimate Vet Racing Weapon

    Why do people use an auto clutch ?????????????????????? how boring !!!!!!! what u have to much to do besides shift gears lol thas part of the FUN of riding !!! Takes SKILL to ride a 2t 250 and shift yourself lol lol Auto clutch thats sooooo funny !!!!!!
  3. luckycr125

    1994 KX250 Restoration

    Nice bike ... are u ever gunna ride it ? or is it just for show ?
  4. luckycr125

    KX250 excessive white smoke from silence

    Maintenance ... 1st thing to learn and most important for bikes sake and riders If u don't like doin the maintenance ... dont ride I too grease and re-grease etc couple times a year , oil change/ air filter every 3 rides , lube cables , BOLT CHECK before every ride ( learned this one well cuz almost had a suspension bolt come loose from rear shock oil leaking on bolt and not checking for awhile ) I ride a 250 2t and the thing is a BEAST !! Respect the bikes and do the maintenance
  5. Just changed trans oil and noticed after a ride a couple drops( 2 or 3 ) of trans fluid dripped out trans breather tube ?? This is normal ? Why ? i may have filled a little too much ( up to top of sightglass ) Bike runs great , jetted perfect no smoking white or black , Is this normal if filled little high ? Thanks
  6. luckycr125

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    Jetted for warmer weather , new packing , oil / coolant change ... WOW what a difference a correctly jetted 2 stroke makes She was runnin little rich ... dropped main/pilot jet and put new (Correct # plug in ) and ..BANG back to rippin !!(and ARM PUMP LOL ) Some how i had wrong plug in and never changed over past few months of starting up and puttin around in winter . I love this bike oh yea its a 96 KX 250 !
  7. luckycr125

    worn clutch basket

    wow ... kinda looks like a sprocket lol
  8. Just wondering what jets people are runnin as weather warms up? I know every bike is little different and elevation but just tryin to get an idea of what others are jetting at ... Im at 40 /160 and pilot still seems little rich still ... anyone with a 96 kx250 runnin leaner jets ?
  9. luckycr125

    Pic of a cracked shock clevis

    Coohead .... where do you ride ?? i sometimes ride at Bong Rec in Wisc. but they r closed til April !!!! Other than that i have this track in Libertyville that is PERFECT !!! I ride there weekday eves and weekends ... only 10 min from my house.
  10. luckycr125

    Pic of a cracked shock clevis

    Coohead ... hey im in Lake Villa ,IL and i have a bro that lives in Crystal Lake . There is a nice little "private" track in Libertyville i ride with 50ft tables, berms etc ... if you r ever out this way let me know !!! I have a 96 kx 250
  11. luckycr125

    96 kx 250 NO carbon on piston crown !

    thanks ... yea the top of piston is not washed or shiny just a nice light covering of carbon .. can wipe off with ease . Im not loosen any coolant and doesn't smoke so no coolant leak ... thanks again
  12. i have this 96 kx250 with at min 50 hrs on piston ... i run 32-1 HP2 , fatty with shorty , jetted 40/160 , plug B8es (Manual says BR8es ... difference ???) color lite choc never fouls and i ride pretty hard but dont race or really ring her out . I just was very surprised to see little to no carbon buildup on piston crown ?? I have owned 2 other 125's and both had buildup on pistons ... Just wondering why no buildup ? maybe cuz i dont ride as hard as on a 125 so the temps are kept lower ?? jetting still little rich ?? she wheelies no problem all gears sounds good ... im 150lbs so the 2T 250 RIPS !!! Thanks in advance
  13. luckycr125

    riding over your head

    i have heard many say that trails is safer than mx ... u say u fly in and out of trees ? If u hit a tree at any speed above 20 mph u will be laid up for awhile . I never have understood why racing by a tree at 30 mph is safer than riding a mx track ?? One little tire slip , mech failure or hand comes off bars and u hit a tree !! In my opinion its way MORE dangerous than a mx track .. at least where i ride . I dont take any 100 ft jumps ... 50 ft tables etc . NO TREES
  14. luckycr125

    96 kx 250 plug half dark half light ?

    Thanks for all the info
  15. i just shut the bike off and was feeling the cyclinder to see how hot it was while taking a break and i happened to feel the right rad the cap and rad was cold ... well deff cool to touch . The left was hot . Im feelin pretty stupid if they are supposed to work this way ... but i have had 2 prev 125's but dont remember this situation Maybe my water pump broke and not circulating ? Im sittin here laughing at myself cuz im pretty sure they shud both be warm if working correctly Thanks in advance