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  1. theflyingtomato

    250 rookie of the year?!

    You're confusing Paluzzi with Politelli
  2. theflyingtomato

    Let the Silly Season begin!

    That's a joke right? Who told you that:lol:
  3. theflyingtomato

    It must be frustrating

    If RV or RD or Reed or anyone else can't beat Barcia, they won't win the championship. It's pretty simply. It's just one more guy EVERYONE has to beat, not just Ryan and Ryan. And you are right, if Barcia wasn't there RD would have had one more position, but so would RV, and therefore RV would gain 2 points for 3rd, RD would only have gotten 1 more for 6th, and RD would end up losing one more point to Villopoto. So it looks like Barcia helped RD yesterday.
  4. theflyingtomato

    What does RacerX know

    Where did you hear all this? That all seems unbelievable! I've never heard any of that prior to your post.
  5. theflyingtomato

    Dungey gets mx1 ride

    Just a point here, Dungey and Reed are on 2012's as well. Both the Suzuki and Honda and BNG's.
  6. theflyingtomato

    James Stewart destroyed by money and SX only

    There's also guys lined up 1 and 2 with Rockstar and Monster ones, making their sponsors look pretty good right now.
  7. theflyingtomato

    James Stewart destroyed by money and SX only

    So sponsors are jumping all over JLaw too? Sponsors pay for being mentioned by Emig on the broadcast and by the rider on the podium. Not by their athlete's name, with no connection to them in that sense, being thrown around on a forum.
  8. theflyingtomato

    Dungey gets mx1 ride

    Dungey is the better choice for MX1, because I'd obviously rather have RV coming through the pack from a worse gate pick than Dungey doing so.
  9. theflyingtomato

    Dungey gets mx1 ride

    Yes he did, and ran him down and passed him. No, he didn't, he got the holeshot.
  10. theflyingtomato

    Dungey gets mx1 ride

    [quote name=jcm3;10595722 They are both fast' date=' and it seems like whoever starts better, wins. They are pretty comparable at this point in regards to results.[/quote] RV started behind Dungey in both motos at Unadilla.
  11. theflyingtomato

    AMA RULES and Kawasaki's new bike

    That would be illegal for some teams under the current rules. Frame and motor have to be of the same year. But the 2011 and 2012 Kawi motors are exactly the same, so it is legal for the Kawi guys to do.
  12. theflyingtomato

    Whiny guys in the points chase

    Lap times for moto 2, which we are currently discussing, show RV 2 seconds ahead of everyone else. First moto Dungey and RV had the same fastest lap, though.
  13. theflyingtomato

    Ramon, Thanking his Lucky Leatt.

    Your last few statements about the breaking of the brace itself, I believe is the main purpose behind the Alpinestars brace. The spine piece on that thing is held on by 2 vertical 1/8th of an inch thick plastic pieces. I doubt that that is stronger than your spine.
  14. theflyingtomato

    I'm sorry, this is old, but Wey just cracks me up

    Wey is without a doubt the funniest guy in MX. And his wife is hot.
  15. theflyingtomato

    Tony Alessi in TGO Man and Machine

    Already did.