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  1. I've got an 02 YZF250 and broke the kickstart shaft off. When it broke it took out the case cover as well. The weather has finally turned for the better and the weekend is coming. I've been searching for someone who may be parting out an 02 but have had no luck. Where can I find a dealer who can get these parts for me, quickly, for a REASONABLE price? Time is running out! Thanks
  2. What kind of symptoms would I have on my 02 YZF250 if I had a bent or slightly bent intake valve? I ran the bike with the intake cam out of time by one tooth. It ran but back-fired alot and now it still back fires after the timing is properly set. I wonder if I've bent a valve?
  3. slomo

    Where to find orange plastics

    Saw a new orange front and rear fender on E-bay a couple of days ago
  4. slomo

    Spinning Nut

    I've got a 02 YZF 250 and the nut in the subframe that is the upper mount for the exhaust is spinning. It's not stripped, it just spins in the aluminium. It looks like the nut was riveted in but it has loosened off and just spins now. What can I do to repair this? Thanks
  5. I heard that you wiped out and broke your collarbone trying to catch a YZF that just passed you! Should have bought a Yamaha instead!
  6. I am having a very frustrating time trying to get the bottom oil rings on a new wiseco piston in my cylinder. No problems with the top two rings but the bottom ones with the expander, now that's a different story. I'm going to go crazy! Does anyone have any tips on making this easier before I pull a twister and do something that I will regret! Thanks.
  7. slomo


    Does anyone know if a Vortex X10 ignition from a YZF250 03 will work on an 02? Also STILL looking for a Vortex for an 02, got lots of offers for an 03 and 01 but unsure if it will work on my 02, maybe reprogram? Thanks
  8. slomo


    Will a Vortex ignition from an 01 YZF 250 or an 03 work on an 02? Thanks.....Slomo
  9. I'm looking for a Vortex ignition for a 2002 YZF 250. If you have a good one for sale, please PM me, thanks.
  10. Does anyone know if a fuel tank and rad shrouds from a YZF 250 03 will fit onto an YZF 250 02? Thanks......Slomo
  11. I've just purchased a used DSP carbon fiber air box and was looking for any tips on installing it. It looks so thin and brittle that I was wondering if I should use some sort of rubber insulating washers between the box and the subframe to help prevent cracks? Any help or other tips would be appreciated, thanks....Slomo