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  1. Kritter

    XR650 stator rewind?

    Wish I read this last week. I got my BD stator rewound and installed yesterday. Will not keep the HID(lightforce 10") going at idle. Works fine at anything other than idle but at idle it starts dropping the voltage down past 8 which finally kicks off the balast and light.
  2. Kritter

    Motivation for training

    Goals...you have to set goals. If you are a quitter then goals arent going to help you nor is working out and you should just give up now and be useless. I have a short term goal(2 months), mid term (4 months) and long term (6 months) and I try to hit it the closest goal and then push it all out again so you are constantly adding goals. If you miss a goal but gave it your all you can double up the next or push them all back... If I didnt set rewards to my goals like new Stumpjumper FSR Expert, New KTM Super Enduro, etc...I wouldnt reach my goals. Rewards are everything and in the end the biggest reward of all is health. Personal trainers are great motivation for people who dont like to piss money away. I was one in college and you'd be amazed at how much people are willing to spend just to get their arse off the couch.
  3. I have instructions for my kit here...I havent had a return or issue brought to me yet and I have been selling them for a couple years. http://www.animalhousedesigns.net/products.htm
  4. Kritter

    best shim stack for 235lbs??

    Increasing nitrogen increases seal friction, thats how a rod seal works, the more pressure it has the harder it pins itself against the shaft. Thats why on a fork which isnt charged it uses a spring loaded seal... You want to run the least amount of nitrogen possible but without having access to a shock dyno I dont recommend you play with pressure to gain any advantage. The only thing more or less nitrogen (assuming you have enough to begin with) does is change your spring force (pressure x shaft area). If you dont have enough to begin with your shock fluid will boil/foam/cavitate from the pressure differential(vacuum) and your shock will be worthless after a few hard hits.
  5. Kritter

    E-bay Coordination

    I think any smart ebayer uses that method and on top of not jacking up the price days early giving other people a chance to jack it up higher, you set in your head the most you are willing to bid and you bid once instead of getting into a pissing match with the computer just so you get what you want even though you bid more then you initially wanted your max bid.
  6. Kritter

    Another Dr. Mark ACL

    im 4 weeks post op and it was an auto from the same leg pattelar tendon. I am at 0. With all things, you get out of it what you put into it. I watch other ACL rehab patients dog it, whine, moan, complain while I bite my lip and do work and get worked on and feel better daily.
  7. Kritter

    Another Dr. Mark ACL

    Good to know you arent over doing...it sounded like you or the other guy were gung ho like you are 100% As far as flex, I can do 140-145 if I yankback on either leg and thats it...135 is all I can do without pulling because im bottomed out calf to hammy
  8. Kritter

    Another Dr. Mark ACL

    Great stories! I had my right acl replaceb in november 06 and my left replaced 6/15/07. Both were pattellar tendon autografts. Similar stories to you guys but at 300lbs, stairs and squats are a bit tough. you guys both seem to have harvested something from your good legs to make a new ACL, what part? Why not graft from same knee? You guys seem to be doing things like you are 100% or maybe it was simple carelessness with your set backs, but you have to give yourself a reality check...youre not 100%. If I had a setback as you guys described I would be devistated. No matter what I do I am careful, no tripping, no excessive drinking, no jamming down stairs, if I go testing in the desert or to races I wear my CTI, etc...I dont need to slip up. Sure I could go put in a few hot laps on the bike, pick up the skateboard, grapple, etc...but I dont plan on having this surgery again and am not about to risk it, you guys might not think of the things we take for granted as risks but until that new ligament is fully integrated to your body anything can set you back. My PT is pretty intense on my own, kinda easy at the actual PT place other then them "working" on me. I am at full flex and 135 extension which is max for me since my calf runs into my thigh and thats all I get. I was walking 3 days post op no crutches...1st day not allowed to due to the double femorral block and I pretty much laid in bed the 2nd day icing and doing flexion moves and CPM. Was 110 degrees by day 3. Instruction was to start walking as soon as I could. I am happy with both my knees at this point...I plan on being 100% in 6 months and about 90lbs lighter and will pick up a new scoot then. I am scared to take my mtb off the stand as I use clipless pedals and the twist motion to pop out of them scares me just thinking about it. I didnt start mtb riding until 4 months after my right knee, but i spin on my spin bike daily. Anybody with unstable knees...get surgery. Its worth it. I used the Kerlan Jobe clinic(southern california) and with the amount of professional athletes touched by Dr Gambardella, I would recommend him to anyone and I do constantly. Its funny that I never realized their were that many bad knees out there until I got em and it seems everybody has bad knees.
  9. Kritter

    Score photo license fee!!!

    The fee BS has been going on for 2 years or more for photogs. It's gone up each year. Sal has been working on fattening that account up for a few years now so he can retire next year.
  10. Kritter

    Knee injury Memorial Weekend

    Heal slides, quad sets, straight leg raises, adductor, abductor. Towel or pillow under the ankle 20 minutes 3 times a day. Wall slides, side squats after you can start walking again. Spin bike as much as you can...youre unemployed time is on your side. Ive got an awesome Don Joy ice machine I will make you a deal on. Get knee braces for riding.
  11. Kritter

    Queston after knee surgrey

    I had my ACL replaced and miniscus trimmed 3 weeks ago and ive been riding the stationary for 2 weeks...get busy on that thing.
  12. Kritter

    how many have done a GP on a BRP?

    SRA's at glen helen are pretty rough. 650 should be no problem but you wont run top of the class.
  13. Kritter

    Baja Designs, an experience!

    you make it sound like you flew in just to go to bd which is not the case...making it out to sound like it was the case makes me and im sure other people think you are overdramamtic and your situation isnt all that bad. BD has great products and great service in all my experiences.
  14. Kritter

    Has this ever happened to any of you?

    you probably got mud/grit past the wiper seal and it is holding open the rod seal or worse it damaged the rod seal...if it were me I would rebuild it but if you dont want to, try pulling up the bump cap and getting any grit/grime out of the seal head...its worth a try.
  15. Kritter

    XR650R With a 280 Pound Owner!

    Start with the right springs for your weight unless you have the budget to just drop the forks and shock off to be tuned and sprung for you. Weight yourself and input that number into the race tech spring calc.