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  1. snaggleXR650

    xr650r gearing change - 15t to a 14t

    If you ride mostly trails, very little street, 13/48 or 14/50 will be the ticket to make you happy. Stock 14/48 is still a bit tall for mostly trail riding if it's slower going trails.
  2. snaggleXR650

    XR 650r Where's the oil goin' ?

    The 650R is funny about checking the oil. You must run the engine for a few minutes/take a short ride, stop the motor, then check the oil immediately. You can't check the oil without running the motor first. Overfilling the oil can cause the counter-shaft seal to blow out and leak. Also, check for oil in the airbox as oil can puke out the breather hose from the case to the airbox.
  3. snaggleXR650

    Hanging throttle

    Decrease your idle speed. This is pretty common. If your bike doesn't idle well after the idle speed is reduced, then adjust your pilot screw (fuel screw) to achieve the highest idle.
  4. snaggleXR650

    Which GPS???

    I don't have a GPS, but my buddies do. The 276C is the cat's ass, no doubt about it, if you got the $. Otherwise the 60 or 76 CSX is your next best best.
  5. snaggleXR650

    What chain for 650R? 60% street 40% dirt

    DID 520 VM X-ring, 110 links standard size. ~$80
  6. snaggleXR650

    Sachs Springs

    Any spring of the proper dimensions will fit in any fork/shock, regardless of who makes it...
  7. snaggleXR650

    '06 SM610 or '07 SM610?

    There seems to be some question as to whether the 610 will have EFI for the US bikes. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when somebody finds one on the floor and verifies.
  8. snaggleXR650

    TE510 stock exhaust

    Hello, I was curious how the stock exhaust pipe is on the '06/'07 TE510 in terms of sound output, and flow (throttle response/power). As the bike is street legal, I'm assuming it's pretty restrictive? I'm considering selling my street legal '04 KTM 625 SXC in favor of an '07 TE 510. The stock pipe on the SXC is not street legal, but it's relatively quiet at 94db and performs great. I see no reason to change it. Hoping the TE510 exhaust is similar... Thanks for the info!
  9. snaggleXR650

    HID conversion kit

    Roger that, regulator/rectifier combo units are commonly available from Baja Designs and Ricky Stator as well as from other places. They are made by Tympanium and are rated at 150W. It's not so important for lights, but typically the rectified DC voltage is still a bit "wavy," or dirty. Hooking a small battery pack or even a large capacity after the rectifier filters out the "wavy" and gives you nice clean DC that can be also used to run GPS, digital speedos, etc... Another possible option, for you cheap skates and experimenters, is to buy a "full wave bridge rectifier" from Radio Shack, Digi Key, Mouser etc... and wire it in after your stock regulator. This combination of stock regulator and bridge rectifer is equivalent to the combination units mentioned above. These bridge rectifiers are usually very cheap... Something to consider.
  10. snaggleXR650

    HID conversion kit

    HID replacements are usually around 35W draw, while providing considerably more light output, say 70+ watts (don't quote me on that). Anyway, yes, a HID replacement is great other than the cost. At $150 that sounds pretty good though, go for it and send us before/after pics.
  11. snaggleXR650

    Big "D"

    How is the noise difference going from stock to the Leo Vince?
  12. snaggleXR650

    16 tooth front sprocket

    Sprocket Specialists has a 16T front sprocket for the 650R. I bought it and used it with my SM setup. Problem is no aftermarket 16T case savers. I made my own by copying an XR's Only 15T out of 1/4" aluminum and then belt sanding it out to fit. I suppose you could hack your stock saver or just not run one at all. There are no clearance issues at all outside of the case saver issue. Ride on.
  13. snaggleXR650

    micronic (reusable) oil fiter

    Reusable oil filters are not good. When you clean them, are they 100% clean? No. Your oil is the most important part of the bike to maintain. Buy some regular disposable oil filters and swap them every other oil change if you want to save some $, they aren't that expensive.
  14. snaggleXR650

    XR650R Big Gun Exaust

    It's your $, but the Big Gun system has had the reputation of one of the worst built systems for quite some time. They simply fall apart. Also, headers will move your power to the mid-high RPM range, and the low end torque will be noticeably softer. It's a RUSH when you are riding at 3/4+ throttle, but it makes the bike a bit boring for lesser throttle positions which is where you are MOST of the time on a 650 unless you are in the desert. Look at White Bros., FMF, Pro Circuit, Leo Vince, Akrapovic, Staintune etc... before you buy a Big Gun. If you still like the Big Gun after looking at the others, then go for it. Good luck.
  15. snaggleXR650

    XR650R electrics

    I believe the UK spec bike has a regulator/rectifier combo, and *maybe* a small battery or large capacitor? The rectifier allows for DC voltage to the turn signals, horn etc... The US bike only has a regulator, (AC voltage) for the headlight/taillight. Tympanium is the most common aftermarket regulator/rectifier available here in the US. It is found on almost ALL US made dual sport/street legal kits. The UK spec bike also has a higher output stator, nothing significant, but it will allow a 55W headlight. The stator is the same, just that there is a different wind on the UK bike. So you can rewind you alternator to meet or surpass the specs of the UK stator.