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  1. hondaphillip

    Chevy S10

    I HAve a 94 4.3 and treat it like complete sh*T. I drive it like a sports car and have no problems at all.
  2. hondaphillip

    race of champions

    count me in
  3. hondaphillip

    NJOHVP in Chatsworth

    I went today the track was in great condition
  4. hondaphillip

    NJOHVP in Chatsworth

    I go to njorvp a couple times a week. The track is not the hardest to ride but it is fun. They just got done mixing in wood chips with the really sandy sections.
  5. hondaphillip

    Going to NJORVP Saturday.

    yeah i saw you. we were parked behind you sorta.
  6. hondaphillip

    Going to NJORVP Saturday.

    I think i saw u. i was there with my yz250f and a friend with a ktm200exc. We were parked at the intermediate track with a black s-10. Were you in a suv pulling a small bike trailer?
  7. hondaphillip

    Anyone riding NJ

    NJORVP tomarrow and sunday.
  8. hondaphillip

    Sweet rc boat/plane/car/thingy

    that thing is insane.
  9. hondaphillip

    Im renting Mt. Pleasant MX for the day - everybody is invited!

    Count me in. I just have to skip school. Its been a long time since i whooped your ass on a track.
  10. hondaphillip

    Pictures from the Northeast Ride at Rocket Raceway

    Looks like you guys had fun. Wish i could of made it out so i could school you all!!
  11. hondaphillip

    Stewart quickest in practice

    At least this time he made it through practice!!
  12. hondaphillip

    Stewart quickest in practice

    Who the hell is this 228 guy? And why is the 2nd place guy more than 6 seconds behind him?
  13. hondaphillip

    New Italian MX450..starting at $26,000...

    I think its sexy!!
  14. hondaphillip

    Any tracks in NJ not underwater?

    I went to NJORVP today. The tracks were in pretty bad shape, huge frozen puddles. But the trails were perfect. It felt good to get back on my bike after such a long break.