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  1. bte250

    PC or FMF pipes on the CR125?

    The stinger section of the exhaust pipe (where the sil. connects). It seem as if the stinger section was from some other model. Think of it this way, when the pipe was on the bike, the end of the pipe went all the way up to the sil. body. I ended up cuting about 7-8" off of it and rewelding it up and it fit just fine.
  2. bte250

    PC or FMF pipes on the CR125?

    Don't forget about DynoPort. Give them a call and tell them what your looking for. On my 04, the stinger section of the pipe was long. I had to cut and reweld it. As for the DP pipe... it was the best of all I tried. Regards, brown
  3. bte250

    How much is an acre where u live?

    Every place is differenct but 'for the most part' land prices change depending on size and location. Small tracts (1 ac. & below ) are going to be the highest per acre. The larger the tract the more the price with drop per acre. Also most of the time the more rural the area the cheaper the price is per acre. Research the tracts that have sold in the area you are looking at buying. Find tracts of roughly the same size and see what they have sold for in the last 6 months. Also make sure to reasearch the same type of property (e.i. - roughly the same road frontage, water/power avail., ect..). Most of this reasearch can be done at the court house or property assessor. Good luck.
  4. bte250

    04 CR144 ride report

    Just thought I would give you 125 riders a little info on the 144cc kit. I had thought about the 167cc kit but chickened out. I ended up getting Eric Gorr to punch the 125 out to 144. I finally got a chance to get out and put some miles on it. I went out today and put about 30 miles on it in some tight muddy rutted up trail. All in all, I'm very pleased with the engine work. I does have more grunt and pulls 2nd and 3rd gear very well without as much clutch work, running 13-50 gearing. I still plan on playing with the gearing to see what is best. The extra grunt give you a little more "room for error" on those blind up hill. I'm running it with a DynoPort low-end pipe and I think it may be a little much. I plan on swapping back to the stock pipe to see how it works. With the DP pipe it has a pretty good little hit down low and on the muddy roots it's a little much. The stock pipe should smooth it out a little more off the bottom. If you ran the 144 with the WR ign/flywheel I think that would be a very nice set-up. All this being said, you have to remember it's on a 20cc jump. It's not going to give it the low end of a 200 or 250. As long as you go in thinking that, I think anyone would be very pleased with the difference. If any problem comes up I will let you know. brown
  5. bte250

    '06 body work on '04 2T?

    The tank is the only problem on the 04 to 06 switch. It can work with relocating the bottom tank mount and you have to weld a new mount to the top of the frame. But even when that is done the backbone of the frame doesn't mount-up to the tank very well down by the air box. Once the tank is in place everything else fits just fine. CR/WR 167 I was planning on going 167, but chickened out. I just could get past the idea of overheating down here in the south. It may have worked great and never overheated but I just couldn't pull the trigger. I did end up going with a 144cc kit from Eric Gorr. I've had it for about 3-4 weeks or so. The first test ride was last weekend and the test didn't last long. The jetting was lean and the gearing was to low and I didn't want to kill the engine on the first ride. I have yet to put a good ride on it since I rejetted and made the gearing change. What I can tell you, from riding around the house, the lowend is great and still pulls well up top. It should make a great tight woods bike and I shouldn't have to clutch nearly as much. The bike will easily pull 2 & 3 (geared 13-49/50) without the extra clutch work. Once I get out and put a good test on it (30-40 miles) I will post my ride report.
  6. bte250

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    29 yrs old, 00 TE400, 04 TE250, 04 CR125
  7. bte250

    2006 CR 125 Spark Arrester

    I also run the PC S/A on my 04 125. It fit without much of a problem. It fit with my stock, PC and DynPort pipe.
  8. bte250

    2006 Cr 125 Bigger Tank

    I wouldn't think there would a bigger tank for the 2-stokes for a while (6-8 months) Try to run it first to see how many miles you can get. I run the IMS (3-3.2 gallon) tank on my 04 125 and I can run a 2-2 1/2 hr H/S and have a good amount left. So you may be able to push 40 mile. The only other thing is to get a 05-06 4-stroke IMS tank and make it work. The backbone of the frames are close and you should be able to just relocate the mounting tabs to make it work.
  9. bte250

    Clarke oversized tank

    Thanks for the info brown
  10. bte250

    Clarke oversized tank

    I saw the pic the other day. With the angle of the pic you can't really tell how wide it is.
  11. bte250

    05-06 TE tank wanted

    Anyone changed out the stock 05-06 tank with a IMS or Clarke tank want at sale the stocker? If so PM or email me price you want for it. Thanks brown
  12. bte250

    Clarke oversized tank

    How much wider is the Clarke tank. Hows the fit? Is it 3.5 gallon? brown
  13. bte250

    A Shout Out to All Middle TN Riders

    south Maury County, southeast of Columbia. I have driven by it but never ridden there. It seems to be mostly 4-wheeler and jeep trail but no 100% sure
  14. bte250

    Before i buy tc 250

    My $0.02.... go test one yourself and make you own decision. That what I would tell anyone thats looking at any bike. That being said back when I had 04 TE250 I raced it against all the other 250F in H/S races and I never felt like I was giving up any power to them. I wouldn't think there would be much difference now either. Mostly it depends on what type of power delivery you like. Each bike has their own way of putting power to the ground. Ride one you may like it, you might not. brown
  15. bte250

    A Shout Out to All Middle TN Riders

    I'm think about going. I've never ridden in AR. Depends on how the foot holds up after the first couple of rides