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  1. gscx

    Critique My RIding Stance?

    My toes are always in when i put them on the peg and stay in the same spot when i pull my heels towards the frame. Mind you there isn't much movement going on, it just shows how you grip the bike with your legs. I see a lot of new riders try to bow their knees in on the seat and it doesn't work
  2. gscx

    Critique My RIding Stance?

    At 6' 2" I dont do anything to my bikes. I just dont think it is needed unless you are super tall. As far as squeezing with your knees... I dont think that's the best way to explain it. Try this. Put your toes on the pegs, where they should be, and then twist your heels towards the frame. Figuring that out really helped with the grip on the frame.
  3. gscx

    Valve shim question

    So it is 2018.... And people are still lapping valves? There is so much info out there recomending against this. Even if they are SS you are still destroying the coating.
  4. gscx

    2018 kx450 suspension changes

    So even with the Enzo valved cartridge from the 16 in the 18 forks my pressures would be different? And the 2016 Enzo valved shock will work fine on the 2018 bike with the different linkage? Just trying to communicate clearly what I have going on here.
  5. gscx

    2018 kx450 suspension changes

    So are the air chambers the same volume for the 16 and the 18? Really liked my 16 suspension. And what about the linkage changes? Beggining to think I should just swap out everything instead of just the cartridge
  6. So I had a 16 kx450 with Enzo suspension, felt great on both ends, world was great, whatever. Just got a 2018 and transferred the cartridge over to the new bike from the 16 along with the complete shock. I should have asked this before but was in a time crunch to transfer everything over from the old bike to the new. Are there any difference in the volume of the air chambers between the 16 and the 18? I am running 185/0/195 on them now. I can't ride for another month or so because of a torn ACL. Same thing for the shock. Does the linkage change for these bikes need different valving between the 16 and 18 model?
  7. If you spend the money on a gym membership instead of a brace you will be better off in the long run. Post ACL here as well and going hard AF on your legs will give your knees better support than a brace ever could. Sometimes things happen and the surgery isn't bad.
  8. gscx

    Lectron Gen II Kx250f

    Funny, that junk fcr is the best carb ever made...
  9. gscx

    2014 PSF settings for woods

    You should try a couple of clicks in on rebound. They should settle when you find the sweet spot
  10. gscx

    Any on running a HSPD on their KX450f??

    On the crf I'm pretty sure you needed it. I had an 09 crf450 and even with the 2012 link I would reach out and grab you quick if you werent on your game.
  11. gscx

    Any on running a HSPD on their KX450f??

    I'm not sure what year you have, I have a 16, but I'm not really sure you need it. Ive never ridden with one so maybe I'm missing out. But for mx at least ive never thought to myself "I really wish I had that".
  12. gscx

    Showa sff tac fork settings

    When mine were stock I added 15cc to the left leg. My pressures were 185ic 195bc and like 2 to 3 in the oc. Forks felt fine except for small breaking bumps. Revalve fixed it and now forks feel really good everywhere
  13. gscx

    Thermodynamics question

  14. gscx

    Frequent torn inner tube stems?

    LOL. You trying to simulate riding on ice year round or something?
  15. gscx


    I woyld keep it white so it wont get hot as hell. A partition is the way to go too. Its a lot quieter and AC will actually work. And for god sakes, don't put your number and "(insert last name here) racing" on the side. You are just asking for your stuff to get broken in to. The point of the van is to be low key. I would black out the windows too.