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  1. motocrosstorrey

    Loctite question....

    came loose on me twice then i put blue locktight no probs now
  2. motocrosstorrey

    Exhaust sytems for an 05 CRF250

    I'm wondering if any company is coming out with a pipe that is 05 specific since there seems to be considerable change from the 04 powerplant---or some dyno tests with same pipe on the different motors---might be some interesting results-------
  3. motocrosstorrey

    Radiator guard question

    rooster's instructions say to leave off the washers [4 frame side] as the guard itself acts as the washer but I found by putting them between frame & guard gave me a little more wiggle room for those outside bolts to line up-----
  4. motocrosstorrey

    White Bros Carbon Pro

    does white brothers carbon pro take away low end?
  5. motocrosstorrey

    Wow... I Still Can't Get This Jettting Thing Down...

    sounds like not enough fuel being squirted in the accelerator circuit as you noticed by changing the leak jet---I believe the smaller the leak jet the more fuel will be squirted into the venturi--leak jet returns fuel to bowl so smaller= richer. This is my interpretation by reading up in the manuals as I am making the transition from 2 stroke tuning to 4 stroke so please get a second opinion ---hopefully from Dr. J.D. himself
  6. motocrosstorrey

    Jetting Settings

    are those jetting specs from pro circuit for sea level?
  7. motocrosstorrey

    How To Clean A Muddy Bike?

    a scrub brush?
  8. motocrosstorrey

    Just got my CRF250 blown away by a 125!

    my 02 ktm 125 with just vforce pro circuit pipe/silencer and jetted good pulls my stock 05 crf250r on strights wide open.
  9. motocrosstorrey

    2005 honda crf250 mods

    i typed in CHM sm1 on yahoo and didnt get anything who sells these pipes?
  10. I just came off a ktm 125sx and i would scream the bike alot on the track if i do this with my 05 crf will it blow up?
  11. motocrosstorrey

    Anyone with a 2005 have problems?

    just noticed my chain is really worn out thats a problem
  12. motocrosstorrey

    2005 supercross season

    ill put a $5 bet on this order 1)bubba 2)charmicheal 3)reed
  13. ok well i have 300$ to get pants,jersy,gloves and a chest protector I have a CRF250r so somthing that goes good with a red bike and theres Red dirt where I ride so somthing that wont stain easy. also what are some good online apparal sites?if it makes any differnce i have white boots and a red,black and blue helmet damn i feel like a perfectionist now lol
  14. what color do you guys think goes good with a red crf also wheres a good online store that sells gear
  15. motocrosstorrey

    want more top end power CRF250R

    are there any other mods i can do also?