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  1. NavyNuke

    Motorcycle camping in flagstaff

    possibly, may not have a dog sitter, I think my mom is going to LA to visit ailing family
  2. NavyNuke

    Looking for Vegas to Reno pit help

    what days again? I may be able to drive a truck for you.
  3. NavyNuke

    Motorcycle camping in flagstaff

    Was a great couple of days. Left Lake Havasu a bit before 5 am. Just up 95N to I-40. then east to the route 66 exit just before kingman. I then looped up around through peach springs on old route 66. morning just north of kingman. great time of day for pictures then the Grand Canyon Caverns back down, about here I got so cold I had to put the liner in my jacket because my teeth were chattering. Finally ran into I-40, and did 60 miles to bellemont. Waited around for an hour and a half for Phil. About 10:30 I headed up FR171. after 10 miles, I stopped at a lava tube to go check it out. Then Phil called, and I rode 10 miles back, just as the rain started. turned into a horrible downpour, nothing like jumping into a 1 piece rainsuit under a tree. got soaked, water running across the width of the road and the Vstom handled it great. Then waited a while for the rain to break, and headed down to Sedona to avoid said rain. Oak Creek overlook then had a nice lunch at a mexican place in sedona. with an awesome view. After lunch we started up Schnebly hill Rd. after talking to a jeep tour guy. but after about halfway up the hill, rainclouds moving in made us decide to turn back. This is where we went separate ways. I headed back up towards flagstaff on 89A, and then just above the overlook, I headed left up a forest service road, that came out on old route 66 in flagstaff. . Then stopped at a gas station, filled up my stove fuel bottle, picked up some beer and a few other things. even came up with a great beer cooler idea and my campsite woke up with the start of a beautiful day. and no rain in site, and no rain on me that night either. headed home on some forrest service roads. followed by far too many miles into the inferno of the mohave desert. was 112 when I got home according to my place.
  4. glad everyone came out of this ok.
  5. NavyNuke


    tons of riding around here. if it looks like a trail, and there is no sign saying closed, then its fair game. unless its on the indian reservation, they can be a bit testy about that. let me know if you want to go for a ride sometime. the XR needs to be run a bit again.
  6. NavyNuke

    GS Wed june 24

    have fun. I'm going to see transformers tonight at midnight, so I'm out for this one.
  7. NavyNuke

    Picked up a scoot for a trip to alaska

    Well 200 miles or so today. with the infamous banned gs fellow. good times, road out apache trail to Roosevelt lake. through globe to superior, and down to Kearny. then over to Florence by dirt road. and as for the trip. its going to start whenever I finish classes towards the end of spring. so around june. the next step is to start aquiring some of the gear I will need. cook stove, tent, sleeping pad/bag ect. and get some seat time to figure out what the bike needs, and what I need to be happy on the road. and I will buy the beer anytime you guys want to get together and talk about it. Ken
  8. NavyNuke

    Picked up a scoot for a trip to alaska

    if you get a tiger, get a 2001 and up I think. or whenever they went to fuel injection. I've read before that they were a nightmare to do even regular service on.(like pulling carbs to change air filter)
  9. NavyNuke

    Picked up a scoot for a trip to alaska

    I'm always game. hit me up when you are around. I'm pretty flexible now.
  10. Picked up a 2002 Vstrom today. Bike is a 2002 Vstrom, 48,000 miles, pretty much stock power wise. It does have -large aluminum paniers(not sure which brand) -mount for a tail bag, with a small locking compartment -Givi Crash bars -Corbin seat(needs repair) -bar risers -remote preload adjustment, thought this wasn't stock on 2002's -suzuki center stand -power outlets on front fairing, and mystery button on top. so I am planning to take this to alaska and back next summer. and some pictures
  11. NavyNuke

    flagstaff pics

    I need to get the XR up there. since I backed out from rain/cold/busted exhaust last year
  12. NavyNuke

    Shoulder pics

    damn this is horrible timing. heal up man.
  13. NavyNuke

    Enduro night ride

    no single track at night. most of my gear is gone to havasu already, and my XR headlight is straight terrible
  14. NavyNuke

    Enduro night ride

    maybe a shorter ride. go play around at butcher jones, no highway then. but only for 2 or 3 hours
  15. NavyNuke

    GS Wed morning

    over 1,000 pics now that I've got em all in one folder. cutting out the garbage some, but here are a few teasers Destry making everyone else look bad oops and look who showed up out for a cruise.