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  1. Does anyone have experience with installing these on a similar bike? I just need to know if I'd need longer cables with the 30mm or 15mm risers.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the advice! Excellent tips and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
    Good grip, but vibration seems worse than previous grips.
    Adds a nice look compared to the OEM signals.
    Does a nice job keeping the wind from blowing my head around at highway speeds.
    They do a good job; definitely saved me some pain once or twice.
    Does its job. Slightly increases torque.
    I'm currently running the 48 T rear sprocket, and I feel a bit of increased torque. Higher engine revs on the highway though...
    Works as it should I guess! I trust it more than the OEM and it's not too much more expensive.
    Huge improvement over the stock air filter. My bike can now breath!
    I'm currently running the stage 2 jet kit.
    I could feel a slight improvement in HP after installing this header; I did this a few months after putting the FMF Q4 exhaust on .
    Great slip on that immediately improved the sound and throttle response of my KLX 250s.
  3. I was looking to order some new bearings from bike bandit, and the ones I want could only be ordered by size, not model/wheel specific. I got the answer by chating with BB customer service, but did not write the sizes down--ordered right away. Once the bearings are delivered, I will update the post with the sizes.
  4. I'm about to install Bill Blue's 351 Big Bore kit with the 36mm Mikuni Flat Side TM carb on my '09 KLX 250s (existing mods: FMF Q4 exhaust and power bomb header; 13/44 T sprockets; K&N air filter; removed snorkel; dynojet stage 2 kit). I ride on the road mostly, to and from work, but hit trails whenever I can find them. Can anyone give me any tips or suggestions before starting this project? For example, is there anything I should look out for or anything I should have on hand to make the job as easy as possible? I have a stand, the tools, and the knowledge. In addition, I'm wondering if anyone can answer the following questions: Will the 36mm Mikuni carb fit with the stock carb boots? Is this the TM36-68 everyone talks about using or did I order the wrong model? I know Bill sells a custom TM 33/34 Mikuna, and that fits the stock boots, but I also read on a thread here that the 36mm Mikuna fits as well. I'd just like some confirmation of that. Any suggestions on gearing? I have been running 13/48 T sprockets, but am about to put on a 44 T rear for better highway use.Any suggestions on jetting? I have the dyno jet stage two installed on the stock carb, and hope to reuse that needle, jets, etc. I am at a very low elevation in Charleston, SC: ~20ft above sea level! Many thanks! Any tips, answers, or suggestions are appreciated! Edit: I already have the service manual and torque wrenches.
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