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  1. Not sure yet, will check it when i put in the JD kit. It sure dont feel right. Will order the YZ screw. Thanks
  2. My buddy just picked up a clean used bone stock 2008 WR250, the bike runs like crap. I did some reading on it and got a parts list going. Is it normal for the throttle to only turn about a quarter turn or less? does not feel right? Feels more like a 1/8 of a turn! here is are parts list. JD jet kit disconnect grey wire open air box, remove snorkel Some sort of exhaust, looking at the Lexx slip on, was thinking a PMB end cap but do not see one listed for the WR? Need it to be spark arrested for Comifornia.
  3. rick2900

    threebond on silencer and exhaust

    Have been running it on my 1977 Yamaha RD400 two smoker on the DG pipe exhaust flange for years. No issues with heat and impervious to gas and oil. In fact it was the only stuff that worked. The red high temp blew out.
  4. rick2900

    threebond on silencer and exhaust

    The best is permatex the right stuff, works the best hands down.
  5. rick2900

    The KTM 200 Club

    Do you have one of those aftermarket gas tank cap one way valves on your bike? You know the fancy anodized ones. If so get rid of it, they vapor lock and cause issues. I put one on my bike a few years ago and my bike ran like crap up top, almost made me loop out one day in a wheelie. I pulled my carb apart three times trying to figure out why it would sputter every now and then. Put the stock vent hose back on the gas cap that connects to the frame.
  6. Looking for a over sized front rotor and caliper bracket for my factory motard wheels. Can not find a oem beta set up or after market. I thought i read somewhere you can use a Kawasaki rotor and bracket but can not find the info.
  7. Looking for a set of motard wheels for my 2008 Beta RS 525. Not having any luck finding a set. warp 9 said they dont have hubs for the 08s. Thought i read somewhere that ktm wheels were compatable?
  8. rick2900

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    You can ride Hollister hills this Sarturday. Bell helmet day, Jeremy McGrath and Cody Webb will be riding there riding. They will be showing the SX race at the store in the park Saturday night. Can I get a knack knack...... https://www.southbayriders.com/forums/threads/154579/
  9. rick2900

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Anybody have starting numbers for a sxf 250?
  10. rick2900

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Have a 2013 Husaberg FE 250. Euro map from dealer, full FMF 4.1 titanium with mega bomb header. No popping or hard starts. Runs ok but feels a little flat on power in the low-mid range. Anybody have good luck ajusting there 250?
  11. rick2900

    2013 Husaberg FE 250 info

    Picked up a new pipe last week, i searched the fmf web site and found that the 2011 KTM SXF 250 had the same part number for the FMF mega bomb header and 4.1 muffler. I scored a close out new FMF titanium mega bomb header and the titanium 4.1 complete kit for 400$ with no tax and free ship. Score. It bolted right up with no issues. It gave the 250 a nice hit in the low mid while still keeping the top end.
  12. rick2900

    2013 Husaberg FE 250 info

    Just picked up a brand new 2013 Husaberg FE250. Trying to find some info on mods. What are the best mods to do to open it up? Pipe? Re map? Can not find much info online.
  13. Will give them a pull test. Thanks.
  14. Had the bike for a couple weeks. Bike has 200 miles on it now. Went for a ride today and got about a mile down the road and it just died. tried to re start it to no avail. Had my buddy tow me back to truck. Pulled out the inline filter at the fuel connection and it was clean. Gas light flashed on for a second. Played with it for about an hour at camp but could not get it to start. Ran fine at 800 feet elevation previous ride, this ride was at about 3500 feet. Took it to the dealer today and it started up for him, he could not find anything wrong with it, no codes came up? Are you kidding me? its a dam good thing I close to the truck, we were heading out on a 40 mile loop thru nowhere land. I am up in arms on this thing, don't know if I trust it now. Not sure what to do. Anybody else has flame out issues?